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▷ Dota 2 Progamer Toplist

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Top Gaming Hardware for Dota 2:

The game tools have to fit to your needs, are you some who wants to rely on safety and good old mechanics like Kuroky with the Razer Deathadder or do you need three more extra keys on the mouse? Then n0tail’s Steel Series Sensei is perfect for you! The fact is, all of these game tools of the list above are awesome to play Dota 2 on a high level, in the end, it’s about your favorite colors, looks and of course which pro player you admire! Most fans get the tools like their favorite player: I also got the Razer Deathadder like Kuro!

Which is the Best Gaming Mouse for Dota 2?

Best Dota 2 Mouse

Best Dota 2 MouseThe most used and best gaming mouse of professional Dota 2 players is by far the Steel Series Sensei, with the unique Steel Series logo on it.

Mainly it’s yellow but of course, you can change the color. The Sensei has an astonishing grip and is just flying over the mousepad.
This gaming mouse is developed for e-sport players who want to have a high-quality asset that helps them playing well. The range of extra keys allows quick and controlled execution of any game plan.

Which is the Best Keyboard for Dota 2?

With a big lead, the Steel Series Apex M800 is the best gaming keyboard for Dota 2. The most Dota 2 pro players use the Apex M800 from Steel Series like n0tail, Topson or Ceb from team OG, who won the TI9 and won over 35 million dollar.
Best Dota 2 Gaming Keyboard

Best Dota 2 Gaming KeyboardWhich one is your favorite Dota 2 keyboard, it’s also important to choose between a mechanical keyboard and a non-mechanical. If you want to choose the game keyboard with the best recommandations for Dota 2, the Apex M800 is a good choice.

What is the favorite Gaming Chair of all Dota 2 Pro Players?

The number one seat is of course the DX Racer 1 from Robas Lund:
Best Dota 2 Gaming Chair

Best Dota 2 Gaming ChairThis is the best Dota 2 Gaming Chair of all time and for your professional gaming career this seat is a booster. It’s not 100% necessary to sit on a gaming chair, but when you get one, gaming feels a lot more serious. I love my DX Racer 1 and I can understand that most of the Dota 2 pro players use this black-red seat.
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