3D Shooter Legends

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3D Shooter Legends

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clickhere - Free Game CheatsIn this sequel, there are far improved graphics compared to the extremely popular first game. This is more oriented towards a single player experience (netplay disappointed at first but this was improved through numerous Mods – Weapon Factory, Team Fortress, Action Quake 2 and more). The Strogg alien race threatens the Earth, but Earth has launched a counter-offensive, Operation Alien Overlord. Overlord takes the battle to the Strogg homeworld with the ultimate objective of securing their capitol city and killing their ruler. As a FPS, Quake II contains a variety of weapons including the fall back Blaster, the Railgun, and the secret BFG10K. The player is given mission-based objectives that correspond to the storyline. For example, the player carries out a wide range of activities, including stealing a tank commander’s head to open a door, or calling down an air-strike on a bunker. CGI cutscenes are used to illustrate the player’s progress through the various main objectives. The game features much larger levels than Quake, with many more wide-open areas. There is also a hub system that allows the player to travel back and forth between levels. Indeed, this is sometimes necessary to complete certain objectives. There are fair degrees of difficulty, and it’s never too irritating. With the excellent soundtrack in the CD disk drive it added to a lot of fun for me. Because the prevailing orange-yellow of the graphics, it reminded me of Dune (and I like the film and love the books). Quake 2, even if it hadn’t been a massive hit, got ID software huge profits just through multiple licensing of the game engine.

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