Anti-Cheat Valorant Translucent, Cheater Use Wallhack + Aimhack!

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Anti-Cheat Valorant Translucent, Cheater Use Wallhack + Aimhack!

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The latest FPS PC game made by Riot Games, Valorant, takes decisive action against its first cheat users. Valorant revealed it had banned a player who was caught using a cheat. This blocking was carried out after the existence of a player who was able to prove the existence of cheaters in Valorant then reported it to Riot Games.

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Sure enough, after further examination it turns out that Valorant game has been attacked by players who use illegal programs. This was revealed by Paul Chamberlain of the Division of programmers and anti-cheat from Riot Games. It is known, there are 2 types of cheats that are used by cheaters to damage the game, namely Wallhacks and AIM Hacks.

Inevitably the recording of the wicked game player instantly spread on social media, especially Twitter. Paul said that his party had officially banned his first permanent action. Paul cautioned that this case would not be the final case for Valorant, it could be that similar cases would occur again in the near future.

The case of finding cheater in the game Valorant will be a major blow to Riot Games. Because at the beginning of the opening, Riot Games had boasted that the Valorant game would be safe from cheaters, even Riot had introduced a new anti-cheat system called Vanguard. This latest system is expected to be able to hold cheater entry into the game when it is officially launched later.

But the facts say differently, it doesn’t take long for the cheaters to break through the security of the anti-cheat system of the Valorant game which is heralded even though it is still in beta. The community of Valorant gamers regretted the incident, according to them Riot Games did not keep its promise.

Riot’s journey to clean Valorant from illegal program interruptions still seems to be very long. Because in addition to fighting cheaters, Riot must also fight the illegal actions of buying and selling Valorant game accounts by users who already have access to this closed beta.

The number of players who managed to get free access to play during the closed beta makes them tempted to trade their accounts. In fact, Riot has given access to Valorant players during this closed beta for free.

Information about buying and selling of Valorant beta accounts is circulating in various places such as Discord, Reddit, eBay, and Twitch. Riot threatened to impose a permanent banned on accounts that indicated buying and selling. Riot asks players to jointly guard Valorant by using legal methods if they want to get closed beta access.

Riot’s efforts by banning these fraudulent accounts received positive responses from fans. But not a few gamers also asked Riot to evaluate the anti-cheat system so that the program was really able to hold the cheaters.

Cheater is indeed a classic problem that is never resolved, its existence that is always there in any of the best online games makes it difficult to be eliminated. Many game developers seem to be helpless because these cheaters continue to grow over time.

Cheat is indeed beneficial for its users, but it is very detrimental to other players who choose to finish the game with their own efforts rather than taking shortcuts by playing cheat. If you meet with cheaters in the game, don’t hesitate to report so the publisher can immediately block them.

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