Anyone know how to download warzone?

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Anyone know how to download warzone?

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I’m having trouble finding Warzone info. I clicked into a Reddit thread about help installing Warzone and also Cold War’s Campaign. JFC are people having problems. And then other issues and bugs start happening when people try to fix everything and get it all downloaded. Activision is f***ing cancer. I would hate to see people out of work, especially now, but I wouldn’t hate seeing Activision close its doors for good. Something needs to humble them and stop this bulls*** business model they’re milking.

Anyway, someone said they had to install Modern Warfare in order to get Warzone to run. But someone else said they just downloaded Warzone and it worked, but they gave no instruction or detail or context. I don’t f***ing know. I’d like to play Warzone on PS5, but I’m not wasting all of that storage space for it.

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