Are there wallhacks on the PS4 version?

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Are there wallhacks on the PS4 version?

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I’ve never looked at a killcam and thought someone is wallhacking or cheating, and yet the amount of times I get messages from people accusing me of it, is making me feel like it must be something that actually happens often.

Two most recent examples happened one game after another, from two different people. First one, using my drone I spot someone laying on the floor next to a destroyable wall. So I run over to the wall, aim at where I’m guessing is where they are and shoot. Get the kill and a message few minutes later saying “I know you wallhack. I record my gameplay and will be sending it along with your report. gg enjoy ban.”

Second one me and a team mate were forming up ready to breach a door, when I got shot through a wall. I turned and saw the holes in the wall and just randomly shot along the same line the holes made in a spray and pray fashion and by sheer luck got the last two kills. Few minutes later “nice wallhacks noob.”

I’m not even that good at the game so it’s actually flattering, but out of curiousity is it something that happens a lot or are these guys just salty?

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