Battlefield 1 Aimbot 🥇 ESP Hacks Killer Cheats BF1 Download

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Battlefield 1 Aimbot 🥇 ESP Hacks Killer Cheats BF1 Download

Download Battlefield 1 Aimbot 🥇 ESP Hacks Killer Cheats BF1 Download for FREE
battlefield hack product imagebattlefield hack product image

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battlefield 1 trailer video

battlefield 1 trailer video

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Experience the World War in Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is the new first-person shooter in the Battlefield franchise. Built by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts, it is the 14th successive installment in the series releasing after a gap of 3 years (Battlefield 4 hit the shelves in 2013). Battlefield 1 is the second game by Electronic Arts featuring World War 1 environment; the first one was Wings of Glory published 22 years ago. The Battlefield 1 release date is on October 21st, 2016 across PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

Battlefield 1 Game Development

According to creative designer Daniel Berlin and creative director Lars Gustavsson, World War I was selected as the game environment to give players a unique experience of weaponry used at that time. The Melee gadgets are redesigned to add more details to the battles. Despite the game’s historical setting, the storyline does not move at a slow rate. The players will experience storytelling through different protagonists including the stories of unsung war heroes.

bf1 hack

bf1 hack

The game was first named World War 1 “the dawn of all out warfare”, but later finalized as “Battlefield 1.” The Executive Vice President of EA, Patrick Soderlund also rejected the World War 1 setting initially but gave a green signal shortly after reviewing the DICE’s game demo.

DICE first hinted the development of Battlefield 1 without sharing its name in June, last year. Electronic Arts also announced the release of an anonymous video game to feature a war setting along with the release of other games including Titanfall 2 and Mass Effect Andromeda before the end of company’s fiscal year. The game’s title and release date tipped before the official announcement. On May 6th, the official Battlefield 1’s trailer was revealed worldwide.

As per the info we have so far, the Collector’s Edition features the monument of Herlem Hellfighter, DLC (unannounced downloadable content) and a steelbook cover. The Deluxe Edition contains the advanced booking bonuses, the Red Baron Pack, the Lawrence of Arabia pack and five battle packs in addition to early access to the game on October 18th, 2016. The game will first release as an open battlefield 1 beta to fix the technical glitches and bugs before its official launch scheduled on October 21, 2016, across all the leading gaming platforms ( PC, PS4, Xbox One).

bf1 hacks

bf1 hacks

Battlefield 1 System Requirements

INTEL CPU: Core i3-6300T 3.3GHz
AMD CPU: FX-4350
Nvidia GPU: GeForce GTX 660
AMD GPU: Radeon HD 7850
OS: Win 7 64 Bit
Direct X: DX 11
HDD Space: 40 Gigs

Battlefield 1 Gameplay

This first-person shooter (FPS) is just like the other games in the Battlefield series. It takes you back to the time of World War 1 to experience the historical events in real life. You get an arsenal of World War 1 weapons including bolt-action rifles, artillery, automatic and semi-automatic rifles, flamethrowers and mustard gas to fight and knock down the enemy.

Melee weapons such as sabers, shovels, and trench clubs are redesigned in collaboration with DICE and divided into two categories, light and heavy. Similar to weapons, various armored vehicles are also available to give additional control to players. They encompass armored trucks, light trucks, biplane aircraft, horse rides and battleships. Battlefield 1 has returned with weapon customization and destructible environments, also accessible in the prior installments.

Daniel Berlin shared that the game will feature large and open environments better than its previous versions to offer more choices to complete different levels. There will be a range of different playable characters in the game.

bf1 aimbot

bf1 aimbot

BF1 Game Modes

The game has two main game modes; single player and multiplayer.

Single Player
Battlefield 1 single player game mode takes you to experience war campaigns in different regions of the world, from the Italian Alps to the deserts of Arabia. The story brings something new to the table to let you approach the combats and battles in a different way. The noticeable game characters include Harlem Hellfighters and a Bedouin called “warrior woman.”

It is unclear as of now if the entire single-player campaign will follow Harlem Hellfighters or the other characters will follow along. According to the developers, the story will unfold from different angles, giving you a chance to control several game characters.

The multiplayer mode supports up to 64 players at a time. The game allows a bunch of players to join and sign out of a game server simultaneously. According to Berlin, playing the game without signing up for a squad will make it tough. The multiplayer mode contains maps based on different world locations such as Arabia, the Western Front, and the Alps. The game also consists of a class system like its predecessor Battlefield 1942 featuring the vehicle specific classes, assigning players a single role until they are killed off. A few details are as follows:

  • Assault – Contains anti-vehicle weapons designed for the destruction of enemies and for breaking a defensive line
  • Medic – Like early installments, the medic’s role is to heal and treat teammates
  • Support – Equipped with light machine guns with the ability to resupply cartridges to teammates.
  • Scout – The Scout kit collects intelligence data against enemies

bf1 hackbf1 hack
Highlights of Battlefield 1

Old Settings
Unlike the other game installments in the series set in present day, Battlefield takes place during World War 1. Despite the game’s old settings, it does not make for a slow combat to resonate with the WW 1 weapons, as the soldiers engaged in a full action battle against opponents using clubs, swords, etc. ( based on game’s trailer).
Not many developers would like to experiment with the World War 1 settings. Surprisingly, this is expected to revive the series and compete with the likes of Call of Duty upcoming action adventure in space. It is interesting to see how the game developers would deliver engaging battle experiences without rendering modern day gadgets and firearms.

Close Quarter Combats
The game’s trailer reveals close battles between players and enemy to adjust it according to old game settings. The soldiers are equipped with swords and bayonets to bash enemy skulls. Players also need to get creative by planning trench spaces and spiked maces for defending themselves against their opponents.

Full metal armor covering is also available for soldiers to use as a protection against bullets; this increases the health status of enemies to stay alive longer. Characters in the other combatant games usually drop like a house of cards due to sniper shots.

Wide Range of Vehicles
Though many vehicles were in the prototype phase during the World War 1, Battlefield 1 still features a broad range of transportation options. This gives players the ability to move around instead of toiling around in the muddy trenches (which usually comes to mind due to the Battlefield 1 setting).

Players can jump into armored tanks such as British Mark model tanks among boats, battleships, and flying zeppelins. They need to combat their opponent soldiers with trench shovels and swords. Fighter aircraft are also seen flying overhead to offer an aerial support to the teams. The previous games such as Battlefield 1943 and Battlefront also had air support, providing game developers an excellent opportunity to introduce the air attacks according to the old setting of Battlefield 1.

battlefield 1 hacks

battlefield 1 hacks

Riding Horses
Mounted soldiers were common back at the time of World War 1. It may sound a bit far off, but horses were an important part of the war. They used horses for gathering information about enemy forces of a particular region in addition to mounted charges. The Battlefield 1 trailer shows soldiers riding horses with swords in their hands. Will the players be using horses to ride into the battlefield for firing weapons is not confirmed yet, but the possibility of this is high?

Different Locations
Battlefield 1 revolves around various places such as the Forest of Argonne in France, the Italian Alps, and the Arabian Desert to render a large scale battle ground. It also features naval battles to make Battlefield 1 one of the most dynamic war games regarding map locations.

Extreme Destruction of Environment and Landscapes
Most of the first person shooters do not involve severe environmental damages such as cracking of a window or a glass due to the impact of explosions and bullets. However, Battlefield1 takes the entire destruction scenario to an advanced level. The battle places and landscapes are destroyed as a result of shootings and bombings to give players a real life experience.

Maps and Game Modes

Battlefield 1 will make players go through the same maps used during the World War 1. It also brings back the same game modes employed in the other installments in addition to the introduction of new modes focusing on the new game metrics.
battlefield 1 hacks

battlefield 1 hacks


From the looks of its trailer, Battlefield 1 seems an exciting first person shooter. It is a must-play for those looking to experience the historical events of World War 1 feeling the intensity of the war. Advance booking gives early access to the game including popular game merchandise such as DLC map and the Harlem Hellfighter Pack.

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