Battlefield 1 PC Undetected Internal Hack Aimbot/ESP/Radar Hack +Download

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Battlefield 1 PC Undetected Internal Hack Aimbot/ESP/Radar Hack +Download

Download Battlefield 1 PC Undetected Internal Hack Aimbot/ESP/Radar Hack +Download for FREE

Main Features:

  • ESP
  • Aimbot
  • Aimbot on Horses and Tanks
  • Radar
  • No Recoil/Sway

Essential Features:

  • Save all settings – F12
  • Auto load settings each time you open the hack
  • Spectator Warning
  • 2 Radar types, Narrow and Wide
  • Aim Prediction
  • Bone Selection
  • Crosshair
  • Predict XYZ
  • Recoil Randomization


  • END – activate the hack. If game crash use Directix 11, not Directix 12
  • DELETE or NUMPAD0 – hide/show the menu. You must spawn in game first
  • NUMPAD* – show names, a short key for fast on/off
  • NUMPAD+ activate/deactivate aimbot, a short key for fast on/off
  • NUMPAD- Recoil on/off
  • INSERT – narrow radar
  • HOME – wide radar
  • Scroll Lock – Provide clean screeshot feature On/off
  • NUMPAD/ is the short key for turn On/Off medic bugfix
  • F1 – short key for ESP on/off. As requested by some people, hope are happy now
  • NUMPAD8, NUMPAD5, NUMPAD2 – shortkey aim at HEAD, NECK, HIP
  • F12 – save settings. imgui.ini is into upper game dir: ..\Battlefield 1 or somewhere
  • F8 – unload the hack
  • F5, F6 – short key to emulate FF screenshot when you press it (benchmark purpose). It will create provided .bmp file to show you what FF will get if it decide to screenshot you at that moment. This is because many people spam with questions about screenshot features, so now dont ask, just press F5 of F6 and will emulate FF ss and see provided bmp and now you should know with setting you use what picture FF will get if decide to snap you right now.


If you use stuff like that or some other overlay hacks then YES you can make ss glitch on ss and you will be banned!

For injection you can use Extreme Injector which is what I’m using.

Please do not take the default settings as safe and ban free I cannot guarantee if you play default settings you’ll not get banned, Make your own settings and play!

Putinvodkablyat420 – Creator



Have fun!​

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