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Automatically solves Overwatch cases. Its not good but its trying.

You can forcefully parse a demo by running node force.js, it will ask you for a demo file path and a suspect SteamID. Alternatively just use node force.js

VAC & Other Bans

This script does not even initialize VAC, you cannot be VAC banned for a cheat detection using this. You can however get manually banned or even suspended from Steam entirely for using this. Valve does not want you to automate Overwatch cases. Use this at your own risk. I am not responsible for any bans, damages, lost items or anything else. You have been warned.


NodeJS 12+ version


  1. Install NodeJS
  2. Download and extract this repository
  3. Open a command prompt inside the directory
  4. Run npm ci
  5. Ignore any warnings
  6. Make a duplicate of the config.json.example and remove the .example
  7. Adjust your now called config.json – See Config
  8. Run node index.js (Use without logging in – )
  9. After every update repeat from step 2


  • account
    • username: Your Steam account name
    • password: Your Steam password
    • sharedSecret: Optional shared secret to generate Mobile Steam Guard codes. Leave empty to enter manually.
    • saveSteamGuard: Set to true to save login key between sessions – This key bypasses Password and Steam Guard (Stored in data/loginKey)
    • invisible: Set to true to show as offline on Steam
    • notifyXPReward: Set to true to receive a notification if you’ve been granted the Overwatch XP Reward for submitting correct verdicts
  • parsing
    • forceConvictOnPreviousBan: When parsing is done the Suspect’s Steam profile is checked for previous bans, if the previous ban is younger than this number of days it will forcefully convict the suspect for wallhack. Use -1 to disable.
    • minimumTime: Minimum amount of time in seconds for parsing to take before sending verdict to CSGO. If too low CSGO will ignore our verdict.
    • aimbot
      • maxTicks: Amount of ticks to check when the suspect gets a kill
      • threshold: Maximum threshold between angles before adding an infraction for aimbotting
    • afking
      • radius: If the suspect is within this radius for an entire round count as infraction for griefing
  • detectors
    • Aimbot: Enable/Disable aimbot detector
    • Wallhack: Enable/Disable wallhack detector
    • Griefing: Enable/Disable griefing detector
    • AFKing: Enable/Disable afking detector
    • AntiAim: Enable/Disable anti-aim detector (By @BlackYuzia)
  • verdict
    • writeLog: Should we write our logs to a folder called cases/?
    • backupDemo: Should we backup the Overwatch demo in a folder called cases/?
    • printScoreboard: Should we print a scoreboard with player statistics to console?
    • logWithEmojis: Should we print with emojis? Set to false to use “YES”/”NO” instead of “️”/””
    • maxVerdicts: Maximum amount of Overwatch cases to do before stopping. 0 for unlimited.
    • minAimbot: Minimum amount of aimbot infractions required to convict for aimbotting
    • minWallKills: Minimum amount of kills through a wall required to convict for wallhacking
    • minAFKing: Minimum amount of rounds the suspect must be AFK for to count as griefing
    • minAntiAim: Minimum amount of anti-aim infractions the suspect must have before convicting for other
    • minTeamKills: Minimum amount of team kills required to convict for griefing
    • minTeamDamage: Minimum amount of team damage required to convict for griefing


To use this you MUST install node-gyp and build tools – For Windows check this checkbox when installing NodeJS:

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You can use this bot without filling in username and password, simply run using node index.js STEAMWORKS. This will run like normal CSGO but without interface and solve Overwatch cases just like the normal bot, it does so by communicating with Steam the same way any Steam game does. You must have Steam running while using this.

Using this will ignore username, password, sharedSecret, saveSteamGuard and invisible in your config.

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