Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War (Temporary crashing fix)

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Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War (Temporary crashing fix)

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It took me a while to earn the trust of a couple of players but, as it turns out. They have been using hacks this whole time. Map hacks and health boost, the wallhack with aimbot has to be the worst offending over the top hack i can think of. I’m done with the game for a while at least. The publisher acts like they havnt made money from any of the hacks that have been sold. Anyone who buys the latest version of ID Tech/7 can basically create themselves a few hacks. I would like to say that the publisher has a hand in this, but i have no proof other than it being obvious as the hacks were a multi million pound business. Certain sites have been left to sell these hacks while others are immediately taken down and even sued as a publicity stunt.
I’m one of the people that will not cheat. If you play warzone not cheating will get you so far, but you will never win on a regular basis no matter how good you get.

Most of the streamers you see are all using hacks. Its blatant, but they get thousands of young gullible followers who actually think inhuman reflexes are possible.
Situational awareness does not allow you to see through walls and lock on to players no matter how good you get.

Id steer away from COD games if you want to avoid an exercise in frustration. The game is [email protected]@cks…

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