Call Of Duty Warzone Error Codes Guide: What They Mean And What To Do

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Call Of Duty Warzone Error Codes Guide: What They Mean And What To Do

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Since the release of Call Of Duty: Warzone there have been a number of errors and bugs that crop up in the game. For the most part, the game runs fairly smooth and the developers have quickly jumped on most of the game-breaking issues.

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But there are still some that appear now and then to ruin a player’s experience. While this list is by no means comprehensive it does go over some of the most common errors players see in the game and how to resolve them.


12 Error Code 8192

Call Of Duty Warzone Car Explosion (8192)

Error Code 8192 is probably the most troublesome right now. This Error Code typically means the player cannot connect to the game due to an issue with the server. This usually happens after a patch or major update comes out.

Unfortunately, there’s very little the player can do. It’s often a server or software problem that requires Activision to fix. Players simply need to be aware this can happen after a major update and be patient for Activision to resolve it.

11 Error Code Goldflake

Call of Duty Warzone Error Goldflake

Error Code Goldflake most often appears when the player is waiting to join a match or after getting kicked from a match for whatever reason. The Error Code itself will state the problem is related to the Network Service.

Many players have stated that simply clearing the device’s cache will solve this problem. It’s likely the cache is cluttered with a large number of items or particularly nasty ones and its bogging down connection to the game’s servers.


10 Error hk:’s

Call of Duty Warzone Error hk

Error hk:’s will often have a string of numbers behind them that vary, but they all mean relatively the same thing. This error appears when players are randomly kicked from an online match. At this time there’s no explanation for why this error occurs.

Sometimes clearing out the device cache can resolve this issue and allow the player to get back to the game. If the player has cleared the cache and this still appears it means there’s an issue with the server and the player will have to wait for it to be resolved.


9 Error Code 262146 & 270338

Call of Duty Warzone Error 262146

These codes mean that the game is having trouble connecting to the servers. There are a number of fixes the player can try to resolve the issue. The first is to simply log out of the game and go back in. If that doesn’t work turning off the device, letting it sit for a few seconds, and starting back up again can work.

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If that doesn’t do the trick players can restart their router or modem the same way they did with the device. The last thing players can try is a bit extreme, but resetting to factory settings can do the trick. This does mean making sure data is saved on a cloud and waiting for everything to download after. Unfortunately, if even this doesn’t do the trick it means there’s an issue with the servers.


8 Dev Error 6036

Call of Duty Warzone Error 6036

This issue typically occurs if the player is on a PC. This sometimes happens after an update has installed, especially if there was a problem or hiccup in the process.

In these cases forcing the game to reinstall the update can resolve the issue. It’s recommended to follow a more detailed guide to do this properly. If this doesn’t work then sometimes the player can clear their cache and that should take care of the problem.

7 Warzone Server Queue

Call of Duty Warzone Server Queue

Another issue that commonly appears on the PC is what happens when too many players are on the servers. It could also be that an update or issue with the servers has caused the number of available servers to drop and those that are working have bogged down.

Unfortunately, there’s much the player can do and they’ll simply have to keep trying to join matches. If the problem persists then the player will likely have to wait for traffic to die down or servers to become fixed. Playing early in the morning or outside of high traffic times like 6 p.m. to midnight can prevent this error from appearing.


6 Warzone Connection Failed

Call of Duty Connection Failed

This issue occurs across all devices and means the device is having trouble connecting to servers. If it’s a server outage then there’s not much the player can do. If it isn’t, then it could be an issue with the local network.

Restarting both the device and the router/modem can often take care of this problem. If this doesn’t work and there isn’t a server outage, then it’s likely an issue with the internet provider.

5 Store Unavailable & PlayStation Plus Unavailable

Call of Duty Warzone Store Unavailable

These issues tend to go hand in hand for PlayStation users. It means the game is having trouble connecting to the Store or PlayStation Plus. This is most likely to happen after updates that introduced multiple Add Ons.

These updates often require the Add Ons to function properly and crashes if they aren’t there. Players can check the PlayStation Store tab to make sure they all downloaded correctly. If this doesn’t solve the issue, then it’s something Activision or Sony needs to handle.


4 Error Code ce-34878-0

Call of Duty Error ce

This is a general error code that often means the game or the PlayStation needs to be updated or there’s something about the settings causing an issue. The most common fix is to update the game if it needs it. If that doesn’t work, then updating the device’s software and restarting should do the trick.

If these steps don’t work, then sometimes disconnecting any attached PS Cameras, restart the device, and disable any settings related to facial recognition. If that doesn’t work then sometimes it’s because of a new hard drive or if the player is running the game externally. Putting the old hard drive back in and running things internally is the only solution in this case.

3 Dev Error 6345

Call of Duty Warzone Dev Error 6345

This is an issue that appears for PC users and signifies an issue with the game’s software. Running the game’s built-in scan and repair feature should do the trick. If this doesn’t work, then making sure the device and its drivers are updated might be required.

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If this error still appears, then could need an update. Disabling anything that could block a connection, like an antivirus software or safety settings, could do it. If this doesn’t work, then fully reinstalling the game might be needed.


2 Error Code 6 & DIVER

Call of Duty Error Code 6 Diver

This issue occurs when there’s an issue connecting to the servers or an update hasn’t properly installed. It’s a fairly new problem, but players have claimed that some solutions will work. The simplest is to restart the router.

If playing on the PC, disabling the Firewall might be required or making sure Warzone and have the correct permissions. Some players claim that using standard WiFi for updates can lead to corrupted files and downloading the data with cellular data can do the trick. Worst case scenario fully reinstalling Call Of Duty can work.

1 Error Code 0x80131500

Call of Duty Warzone Microsoft Store Starter Pack (0x801)

This error appears for Xbox users and signifies an issue connected with the Microsoft Store. This often happens when trying to download an update. Unfortunately, there isn’t much the player can do as it’s an issue with the Microsoft Store.

Supposedly updating Xbox’s software and restarting the router can do the trick, but this hasn’t been confirmed. Odds are waiting for the issue to be resolved by Microsoft is required.

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