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Build Status

Hosted at is designed to be a quick reference for Rainbow Six Siege maps. Please see the about.html page for more details.

Running locally


To check the dependencies, just type uglifyjs or scss. If the program waits for input, your dependencies are installed correctly. (uglifyjs might already be installed from npm install, see below).

Building and running

  • Install npm and install packages: npm install
  • General build: npm run build
    • Builds js and scss into the site folder.
    • Check package.json for more particular scripts.
  • File watches are also available (see packages.json)
  • To run, locate site/index.html and open it.

Things to work on

Contributions are welcome. 🙂


Current development is fairly “steady state” with only a few new features planned:


Thinking about (maybe someday)…

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