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    Discussion on [COVERTCHEAT ⭐] INBUILT-SPOOFER ESP AIMBOT UNDETECTED within the Valorant Trading forum part of the Shooter Trading category.

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    Old 11/13/2020, 06:55   #31 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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    Join Date: Nov 2020

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    SmileCovert Review/ Rep for seller
    Ive been buying from Shawn or SAEHAX for the last couple months and havent had a single bad experience, the item purchased is always recieved within the next 5 minutes or so and when the one problem happened I stayed patient and was refunded, Shawns a great guy and cares about his customers, and for the cheat itself, it works great. The ESP works better then mostly all the other cheats Ive tried and is very customizable where you can add health, names, boxs, or just their skeleton and head, the esp works amazing and I have no compaints, the aimbot also works great and can look really smooth if you mess with the settings for a bit. My HWID is also banned and the spoofer has been working great everytime, if you use the chair safely you can stay safe and climb to radiant or immortal, The price is also amazing, most chairs cost much more and also dont have a 1 day version to buy which is really great as you can use it to climb alot one day and as like a sample, I would rate the chair and seller 10/10 for their helpfulness and effectiveness, I totally recommend.smile - Free Game Cheats
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    Old 11/13/2020, 07:01   #32 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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    Best product on the market without a doubt. Always updating their products and they do it with pride. This site has constant updates and tutorials to help you get started and a very friendly staff that is willing to put time aside to make sure you’re set up properly. The products they provide are discrete if used properly and responsibly. I’ve used this product from them and haven’t had a single issue or complaint ingame ever. The negative reviews on this are unwarranted, Covert/Saehax site has without a doubt, the best products your money can buy no matter happend in the past! Stop being caught up on what happend in the past and you wont miss this product that is right infront off you!

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    Old 11/13/2020, 07:58   #33 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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    Review on Covert Cheats

    This review is purely based on my experience after using their Cheat

    Esp – 9/10. Esp maybe not perfect(according to me) but that may be due to riot’s Fog of war. still its does the job. its clean, customizable, no fps drop or lag.

    Aimbot – 9/10. Aimbot is smooth. Feels Natural while spectating.
    There are many premade configuration available on discord. you can just copy legit or rage configuration. Still i think there is room for improvement on Esp and Aimbot.

    Customer Service – 10/10. When i bought for first time i had lots of questions and all of my queries were solved instantly by support staff. Staff member were kind and patient. Even many from discord community were very helpful.

    Installation – 10/10. Its super easy. its basically run and play. will takes 2 min tops. Video and Text Tutorial is availabe.

    HWID Spoofer -10/10. It has built in working spoofer so you can mask your Orignal Hwid and play without any worrybor in case you were Hwid banned earlier it will remove it just by restarting( No windows Reinstallation)

    Overall its good Cheat

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    Old 11/13/2020, 08:39   #34 Trade Status: Verified(?)
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    Originally Posted by $ilk_Road View Post

    Why these 4 users above only have 1 post and everyone is posting now? LOL that is weird.

    You don’t buy anything, just walking around and call every discord and post a scam and DM people asking for a Tool your the epvp sherlock holmes?

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    Old 11/13/2020, 10:56   #35 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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    Join Date: Nov 2020

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    CoolBest Client On Market
    Best cheat for legit and perfectly working spoofer.


    Good legit settings
    Super easy to configure and work with
    Nobody has suspected me or said anything to me


    Super good ESP
    Customizable as hell
    Settings which can be configured to your liking


    Easy setup
    Step by step process to help
    Quick injection
    Game still has good performance with the cheat running

    Overall Review

    – Great Cheat with good legit and rage settings
    – Affordable price
    – Incredibly helpful support

    Would recommend immensely – 10/10

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    Old 11/13/2020, 12:59   #36 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
    star16 - Free Game Cheats  
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    Join Date: Jul 2012

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    Before you read this I would let you know:
    I am cheating/hacking for over 10 years in different games. So I really know about what I am talking.

    Service 10/10

    You can easily just join the discord server and open a ticket. You have more than 3 persons who can answer ALL your questions. They answer EVERY question in a pretty short amount of time.

    Price 9/10

    The prices for this cheat is perfect! I already used some other cheats for Valorant and it had the same price, but not even close the same performance as this masterpiece!

    Installation 10/10

    You really can’t have it easiert than this! The most of you already have every requirements done. Even if not, you do not need more than 5 minutes for ALL to get the whole thing working!

    ESP 10/10

    The best ESP I’ve ever used in Valorant! You already can see the enemies when they’re in spawn! ESP works mostly exactly when you need it. You can configurate everything to make ur own performance even better!!!

    Aimbot + RCS 10/10

    This Aimbot do not leave any wishes left! You can rage very hard or you can use it very legit! In the discord server u get really very much settings how to play legit. I used it now for over 5 rank-up’s and not only one person called me out as a cheater! You can set up the Aimbot perfectly for your playstyle!

    All in All 10/10

    I really recommend this cheat/hack for everyone who wants to get better in Valorant or who wants to have a safe way to rank up. As I’ve said before, you can’t get a better cheat in whole elitepvpers. It is really worth the price, so give it a try! You will not regret it. Staff & Customers on Discord are very friendly.

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    Old 11/13/2020, 19:11   #37 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
    star3 - Free Game Cheats  
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    Join Date: Mar 2018

    Posts: 25

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    Aimbot: 9/10

    The Aimbot in this cheat is great. At has all of the customization you really need , and has a triggerbot. It is very configurable and you can make it look very legit with good setting. Not much more you can ask from it.

    ESP/Visuals – 10/10

    The visuals are, in my opinion, one of the best things about the cheat. The skeleton ESP is very clean, and the visuals can be completely customized to your liking. The ESP also shows gadgets which is very useful in this game. The dormancy also works very well. It is very clear whether something is a dormant player or an actual player – the ESP is amazing in this cheat.

    Settings – 10/10

    The developers have made it very easy to use and share configs. In the discord server, you can simply copy and paste a config string into your menu and it will load those settings. It is already pretty easy to set up to your own liking, but if you are unfamiliar with certain settings this can make it easier. You can also save and load settings easily. Everything works well.

    Spoofer – 10/10

    The spoofer for this cheat is incredibly easy to use. After downloading the loader and entering your key, it is a single click, and your pc is spoofed. I was banned on my main account before this and had no problems with HWID bans while using the spoofer.

    Setup/Ease of Use – 10/10

    This was very easy to setup. It didn’t take me more than 5 minutes to be spoofed and loaded into the game after purchasing my key. The loader is very easy to use and set up. I didn’t have any problems with crashes when using this.


    Best cheat I have used so far. With a good price and a working spoofer, as well as being very easy to use, I would recommend this to anyone.

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    Old 11/14/2020, 03:07   #39 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
    elite*gold: 0 gold - Free Game Cheats

    Join Date: Nov 2020

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    Valorant Covert cheat

    So let me start. Covert is one of the best, if not the best cheat at the moment. This cheat is very close to be godly. I mean if you want to you can legit cheat, aswell you can cheat very obvious. So its your decision how you wanna use the cheat. I can promise you the cheat is his money worth. And im gonna tell you in a short explaination why. You might be thinking this cheat is to pricy, but probably im gonna change your mind. Just to start to setup one oft he basics you can pay with Paypal or bitcoin. If youre not sure if you wanna pay the full price fort he cheat and you just want to test it, they got from time to time some discounts or couponds, so you gonna pay less money to test the cheat and get sure about it if you wanna use the cheat more times. The cheat brings aswell a fantastic HWID-Changer but what this means, im gonna explain you later.

    So to start, what ownes the cheat? -Visiual and Aimbot, but what does that mean?

    Visual means that you can see enemies trouhgh walls like wallhack. Small explaination: You can see enemies trough walls. But this wallhack is different to any else cheats just because you can setup different hitboxes. You can choose if you want to see the hitboxes trough walls or not. Aswell you can activate the mode, that you can see the heads shown as an point above the hitbox. Thats make the wallhack very specially.

    The best thing on the aimbot is, that you got a perfectly controlled spray control ingame, aswell you can setup the aimbot to legit settings, that means you can cheat as long as you want to. So youre not getting banned if you got good settings. My favourite settings are like this: hiddenlink - Free Game Cheats
    I am cheating with this settings since 1 week and i havent got banned yet. hiddenlink - Free Game Cheats But if you dont wanna legit cheat you can turn the settings up and can absoluty obvious cheat if you want to. But iam prefering legit cheating because you can play longer. But you need to know, that the aimbot isnt auto shooting, its aiming for you as long as you dont activate autoshoot. I just love the aimbot because you got many functions to configurate the aimbot.

    The hardware id spoofer is just nice. I dont need to say many things about the spoofer. But what i can say is, that you can activate the spoofer before youre going to start the cheat and its going to protect youre main hardware id. So youre getting a virtual Hardware id. So that means youre not getting banned on your main hardware ID.

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    Old 11/14/2020, 12:13   #40 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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    I dont want to make this long… to all those noobies like me, I def recommend this stuff, I just used it for a day and it made my bronze 1 go plat 3, I swear, Im not telling u all to buy this **** but if you’re looking for a way to make your account go higher, try this. even just for a day! Im probably wont be able to buy this till next week, hopefully there will be a little discount on week keys because for me… the week key is worth it, enough for you to be radiant, or make multiple radiant accounts out of it. I actually sold my plat 3 already for 10$ to my friend, and im gonna buy this again next week. this is really good, undetected AF, to those people telling that this hack is fake or virus, u can all suck my ****.

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    Old 11/15/2020, 06:48   #42 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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    Join Date: Jun 2020

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    Hello there.
    Im used a lot of cheats in valorant and after valhook im really was broken that i cant find any good cheats for this game.
    This game became in my heart, when im playing in this game i forgot about all my problems in IRL and this cheat making me insane and became the pro scene.
    This cheat is very great, i want to this developer get everything in his life what he wants.
    The reseller is very friendly and far, im in love in this community and want to this cheat will be UD always.
    The ESP is 10/10
    Aimbot is 1000/10
    All features i like, they’re always want to add new features and asks their customers what to add, thats really best cheat ever.
    Thank you, SAEHAX and COVERT! YOU IN MY HEAR!

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    Old 11/15/2020, 09:14   #43 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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    Config GalaxyExe

    I wish to have the best config so as not to get banned. I had seen that on discord you put one, can you give it to me please.
    Config GalaxyExe please.


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    Old 11/15/2020, 15:12   #44 Trade Status: Unverified(?)
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    So after I bought a day key to test out this gaming chair I came back to this post impressed by how you can find something like that on epvp.

    ESP: 9/10 – does what it needs to do. Due to how Valorant works you can only see people who are near to you or planting. Which is more than enough because honestly you dont need to see people doing their stuff across the map.

    Aimbot 9/10 – Maybe I had a bad config but you can customize the aimbot enough to fit your needs. Bone Selection works great and you can go full rage (do not recommend bc of manual reports) aswell as completely closet legit cheating. Also usable as a trigger with the autoshoot option.

    Spoofer 10/10 – does what it does best. what more to say?

    Setup 11/10 – literally one click setup. whats not to like?

    Thoughts – would like to see a possibility to quickly change between 2-3 profiles by the click of a button for different needs. For example id like autoshoot on for some angle holding while other times autoshoot is too obvious in when your whole team is spectating you.

    Verdict – Best Valorant product ive used up till now. Can only recommend it. Probably even better, if you have more than one day to test things out and customize it to your own preferences.

    Also if I will get it again I might do a youtube review, if anyone is interested.

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    Old 11/18/2020, 07:50   #45 Trade Status: Verified(?)
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    It works

    I’m coming from the cheat scene back in 2007 while I destroyed the whole ESL in CS:S (Tons of 30 win streak awards, months on #1 in different leagues) while never received any ban. I was a bit nervous to try something in Valorant as it’s 90% scam here.

    I’m using it now for around 2 weeks and I’m still not banned, no report, no detection. Smurfing from bronze 1 to immortal now within 2 weeks with 4-5 days playing a few matches (I’m a clean and legit radiant player).

    The support is great, fast reply on all questions. Keys are delivered within seconds/minutes.

    For now I can really recommend it over all. While looking at other offers I wouldn’t trust anyone else currently. But this thing here is working smoothly. The customization is enough to play however you want to. A very active community in compare of all the other discords where nobody is talking (probably all bots or manual created users).

    So I’d give actually 5/5 stars.

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