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[CSGO] Advanced Admin ESP – AlliedModders

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Advanced Admin ESP
This is a total remake of CSGO Admin ESP. This plugin allows admins to give the ESP to others besides themselves. This will also allow admin to have ESP for while they are alive and can be customized to only display a certain team etc.

This plugin is dedicated to Root_, this is not to demean the original plugin, since his demise there were a few bugs and in order to fix those I had to create a new plugin submission.

Required Plugins:
This plugin no longer requires other plugins.

sm_giveesp [0/1] //Give ESP to a certain player
sm_esp [0/1] //Toggle/Set ESP on



sm_advanced_esp_tcolor “144 120 72 64” //Determines R G B A glow colors for Terrorists team Format should be “R G B A” (with spaces) sm_advanced_esp_ctcolor “72 96 144 64” //Determines R G B A glow colors for Counter-Terrorists team Format should be “R G B A” (with spaces) sm_advanced_esp_default “0” //Set to 1 if admins should automatically be given ESP when they connect sm_advanced_esp_lifestate “0” //Set to 1 if admins should only see esp when dead, 2 to only see esp while alive, 0 dead or alive. sm_advanced_esp_notify “0” //Set to 1 if giving and setting esp should notify the rest of the server. REQUIRES TRANSLATIONS TO BE INSTALLED. sm_advanced_esp_team “0” //0 – Display all teams, 1 – Display enemy, 2 – Display teammates DOWNLOAD
Translation File

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