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What is an needed feature if you are casually playing surf, we have your back! our csgo cheat has an easy to use feature called Auto-Surf which allows you to not do the pain work of keeping it together let our automated system do it for you, automatic-surf is easy to use feature simply pop that bad boy from our csgo cheats miscellaneous tab on, and jump straight into surfing with our csgo cheat, but you only need to control your way where you go, no more of the pain of trying to keep yourself in the side, our automated system does this for you!

You can cheat with full confidence that it looks legit, so you won’t be banned from the community server for using any csgo cheats like our selfcoded csgo autosurf, in no time you’ll get to the leaderboard of the surfing server, without anyone doubting your skill of surfing!

Insanity Cheats is proud to be the singular cheat provider who supports csgo autosurf we are proud to provide you with our automated surf among our other csgo cheats features!

Don’t miss out, purchase our CSGO cheats with cutting edge auto-surf & safe & easiest to use autosruf on the CSGO Cheat market! sign up and purchase from the link below!

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