Dota 2 – Hack Tool (Maphack) 2014

Dota 2 Map Hack - Free Game Cheats

Dota 2 – Hack Tool (Maphack) 2014

Download Dota 2 – Hack Tool (Maphack) 2014 for FREE
Dota 2 Map Hack - Free Game Cheats The Dota 2 Map Hack is also one of the famous Dota Map Hack program. Its easy to use, no lagging and will give and excellent results. This Dota Map Hack is the latest Dota Map Hack program after the W7XNameSpooferPro1.exe. Try the Dota Map Hack now and get the GODLIKE title!You will be the Best Ever.

Remove fog from minimap and mainmap

Reveal units minimap and mainmap
Camera distance hack

Reveal illusions

Get alerted when rune is avaiable on minimap

Make units clickable

Attack on invisibility (you can attack riki without gem or sentry wards)

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Did the hack worked?   4102 Votes for Yes _____________________________________________________________ I have download but how to use it:

  1. After download extraxt files first then

  • Run Steam (be sure you have lasted update)

  • In folder where its extracted you can see file named “dota2 maphack 

  • After that you can features that appears on application select one that you want to use them

  • Press “inject” after pressed that button then Launch Dota 2 from desktop.

  • While you are playing(in-game) press on keyboard “INSERT” when you want to activate the hack.

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