Dota 2 Items Hack

dota 2 items hack v1.3 - Free Game Cheats

Dota 2 Items Hack

Download Dota 2 Items Hack for FREE

Dota 2 items hack which will allow you to get free dota 2 items. Dota 2 is a MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game which is one of the most popular online game of 2014. Dota 2 is played in almost all the countries and there are also huge e-sports tornament. Dota 2 gives the world’s biggest prize pool in the history of E-sports gaming. Some people and websites claim that dota 2 is one of the most hardest games because they claim that it is really hard to learn but impossible to master. Dota 2 is more superior than LoL (League of legends) because it have harder gameplay and fun to play. We cannot deny our own creeps on LoL where as in Dota 2 we can deny our own creeps. That feature makes alot harder to earn gold and also we lose gold if we die.

Since Dota 2 is a free to play game, Valve gets its revenue by selling Dota 2 items and its gadgets.  Considering the items in the game, Dota 2 is more expensive game than other paid games although it is free to play. There are lots of expensive items in Dota 2 like Golden baby roshan, Platinum baby roshan, Dragonclaw hook, Ursa alpine set and also other immortal items are alot expensive than some games. Everybody cannot buy all those items so, We bought you a brand new hack and also we merged with hack-solutions to bring you this Dota 2 items hack.

This hack will allow you to get free dota 2 items which is tradable and has 100% working ratio. We made this Dota 2 items hack Version 1.0 on November of 2012. It contained only few items and it got really famous. so, We got many request from many dota 2 players to bring the new version with more items. Dota 2 version 1.3 got really famous because we added Dragonclaw hook in our hack. Below is the screenshot of dota 2 items hack v1.3

dota 2 items hack v1.3 - Free Game Cheats

After that we are now proud to bring you the updated version of this dota 2 items hack with more new added items, Dota 2 items hack v2.0.

What’s new in Dota 2 items hack v2.0?

-Faster Item transfer

-Inbuilt trade history

-Fixed freezing on Startup

-100% safe to use

-All items are tradeable

-All items are available

We have added a new feature on this dota 2 items hack v2.0 which will show inbuilt trade history which will show that the item has been traded which makes this hack 100% secure to use. We have no any complaints about this hack since we started to make these hack.

To use this hack, follow the steps:

Step 1: Download dota 2 items hack from link below

Step 2: Run the file


Step 3: Enter Account details.

dota 2 item hack v2.0 - Free Game Cheats

Step 4:  Select all items and click on hack.

dota 2 items hack v2.0 - Free Game Cheats

Step 5: Check your inventory.

dota 2 items - Free Game Cheats

Step 6: Enjoy

As you can see that the items are tradeable and is in the inventory. Dota 2 items hack hack is really easy to use. To download the hack, click on the link below:

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