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Dota 2 Ultimate Hack

Download Dota 2 Ultimate Hack for FREE

ghfWe are happy to announce that our team has developed a new version of Dota 2 Ultimate Hack v.4


Try it now and play for free!


First of all you need to get to get an account to get access.When you’ll open the software, click “Click here to get your account!!” and you’ll be redirected to your account.


Due massive traffic to our website as well as the download mirror, we decided to set a limit which is the completing of an offer. This should reduce the downloads and usage of our tool. Also you cannot leak it as it has an advanced WinAPI Protection built in.


I’ll show you how to use Dota 2 Ultimate Hack v.4 step by step :

Step 1: Enter your Username and Password click “Login” and wait until the connection is established.


Step 2: Check for updates ! 



Step 3 : The Ultimate hack v.4 is now  ready to use ! Enable any option that you want !


Step 4 : Launch Dota 2 and Enjoy you game !

( You can activate options while you are in game. There is no need to restart the game  )



Full video demonstration :


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If you’re a support, then listen closely: Observer Wards are probably the single most important item in the game.

It is, but I really, really cannot stress enough how insanely important they are. Early on, they’re useful for marking out where the river runes have spawned (which is helpful for your mid, particularly if they’ve bought Bottle) and for giving you advance warning of ganks. Later on they give you vision of the map, which means that you can see where the enemy heroes are – or, at the very least, where they aren’t.

Let’s take three examples. If you’re winning and you have map control, then you can plonk some Observer Wards down in the enemy jungle and the outskirts of their base, and you’ll be able to see them whenever they try to do anything. If they have a hard carry like Alchemist and he sneaks into the jungle to try and farm up, then you’ll know about it and you can go and kill him. You can make the enemy scared to leave their base, and keep your advantage secure.

If the game is pretty even, then Wards around the river – and perhaps one or two a little way into enemy territory, or a little way into yours – provide security. If the enemy is coming to gank a lane or is about to roam into your jungle, you can see them coming and either muster a defence or get the hell out of there. Equally, if you have Wards up, then maybe you can spot a lone hero and take him out.

If you’re losing, then defensive Wards (Wards placed in your own jungle and territory) are king. Firstly, you can see if the enemy is massing forces to come and hit one of your towers. Secondly, your carries can safely farm the jungle whenever the enemy isn’t there; if a foe wanders into the jungle, said carry can then run back to safety.

In short: vision gives you information. It lets you decide when to engage in battle and when to avoid it; it lets you know what’s coming and keeps you safe, and lets you harass the under-warded. Observer Wards last seven minutes, and come in sets of two, with two sets of two being the maximum amount your store can carry. On that note, it takes six minutes for the store to spawn another set.

In short, if your store has two sets of Wards in it, your supports aren’t paying enough attention.


Dota 2 Ultimate Hack v.4 is made by professional programmers 

This software has no virus,is free 100%

And running on any operating sistem…

Anti-Ban Protection : Yes
Undetectable Script : Yes
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P.S.: If for some reason Dota 2 Ultimate Hack v.4doesn’t work to you, send us message (on youtube or here) with your OS (operating system) 32 / 64 bit and Internet Connection type (ADSL/Cable..) and we will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks!


**If the Dota 2 Ultimate Hack v.4 stop working, or you notice some bugs on it, please report that to me, so I can update it as soon as possible.**
** There are some copied / fake sites and videos that are going to scam you. They can be virus infected and very dangerous, so please be careful!**

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