Download Call of Duty Warzone Wallpapers and New Tab 0.0.5

Call of Duty Warzone Wallpapers and New Tab 9 - Free Game Cheats

Download Call of Duty Warzone Wallpapers and New Tab 0.0.5

Download Download Call of Duty Warzone Wallpapers and New Tab 0.0.5 for FREE

A Chrome extension for COD Warzone enthusiasts who wish to decorate their browser and desktop backgrounds with high-definition WZ images

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Call of Duty Warzone picked up so much traction that it’s currently the most played COD product out there. Even the legendary Modern Warfare 2 has never reached Warzone’s player base numbers, which is currently around 70-90 million. Due to this fact, everything related to this game is of interest, especially to diehard fans who are into buying merch or using any piece of software that has a connection to the game. If you are one of those people, you might be interested in Call of Duty Warzone Wallpapers and New Tab, a Chrome extension that applies a Warzone-related background image to any newly opened tab.

Open up new tabs by clicking the extension’s icon

Commonly, all Chrome add-ons generate a small icon after they’ve been added, and those serve as means to access the UIs or option menus. Not the case here, as the icon shortcut will simply open a new tab upon clicking it. There is nothing special about this aspect, and it just looks like this function was improvised due to the lack of features.

Randomize the background images or stick with a single one

As already mentioned, the icon provides no customization options, however, there is a small tweak that can be of interest. Each new tab will have several bubbles in the bottom-right corner, and there is a particular one titled Settings. What can you do from it is simple, you can slide a bar to either randomize the background pics display or turn them off to use a single image, usually the most recent one.

Using the images as wallpaper

Right next to the Settings bubble, you can find one that opens up the entire collection. All images are HD and can be saved to your drive. Saving them will then allow you to use any wallpaper, so if you’d like to have a neat Warzone wallpaper to go along with the browser theme, you are welcomed to do it.

All in all, Call of Duty Warzone Wallpapers and New Tab can feed your Warzone addition by enriching your browser and desktop background with the most iconic WZ images. Besides, the extensions require minimum effort when used or set up, so even the youngest of COD players can actually give it a whirl.

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