Download GTA V Apk + Obb, and DATA (800MB)

GTA%2BV%2BApk%2BAndroid%2BGame%2BMod - Free Game Cheats

Download GTA V Apk + Obb, and DATA (800MB)

Download Download GTA V Apk + Obb, and DATA (800MB) for FREE
I have finally written a reloaded review of the GTA 5 Apk for Android users. This has the best graphics for any device, it is working as I have confirmed it, the download links are also up and running, so you have no need to fear wasting MB. GTA V Apk + OBB, and it’s Data Files has been shared for free download, unlike the old versions which were 2.6GB, this new review is just 800MB, enjoy!GTA%2BV%2BApk%2BAndroid%2BGame%2BMod - Free Game CheatsGTA V was released years ago and it is playable on consoles and PC, but sadly the developers didn’t release a mobile version with less map and probably a different storyline. So that leaves the best open-world game for Android to remain Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The GTA V we are talking about is actually a modded version, but the roads, weather change, and graphics have been improved.

There are new cars in the game, the character’s body has also been improved, the city and houses are now realistic, you can also notice that more on the trees, water, and grasses. This is the most compressed GTA 5 Apk game for Android phones, it works on devices with lesser RAM like 1.5GB+. If you are using 2GB RAM to 4GB RAM, you’ll see what gaming really feels like on a high-end mobile phone.

Requirements to Download GTA V Android apk + Data

  • OS version: Android 5.0+
  • RAM: 2GB+
  • Storage: 1.1GB
  • Mode: Full Version
  • Graphics: Ultra HD/4K

GTA 5 Apk + OBB + Data Features

gta 5 android apk data obb

1. It features Ultra 4k HD Graphics and can still run on most Android devices without lag or force stop issue.

2. This Mod Pack features clear and realistic grass, vehicles.

3. The Airplanes quality has been improved, now it is very appealing and modern.

4. Cheats are still accessible through holding the phone’s options button.

5. Storytelling is complete and doesn’t freeze.

Where to Download GTA V Android Compressed Game

Just two download links containing the OBB and Apk in a Zip format. Below is the media fire download link.


This post and links were last reviewed 13/11/2020, please keep me updated when the link has been brought down.

How to Extract and Install GTA 5 Apk + OBB

Before we begin, it is recommended you use Zarchiver to extract game installer files because it is faster and provides better options of extraction. Alternatively, if your Android phone is strong, you can use the inbuilt file manager extracting options.

  1. Install GTA: SA (GTA V Mod Apk).
  2. Extract SAv10_ADR (GTA  5 Data File).
    Password – androgamer
  3. Move the OBB File to Android > OBB.
  4. That’s it!

How to Get Ultra HD Graphics/4K GTA 5 Apk

GTA%2B5%2BApk%2BOBB%2BAndroid - Free Game Cheats

  1. Head to the option settings  in the game.
  2. Choose Display & Setup.
  3. Increase Visual Effect and Car reflection.
  4. Please modify based on what you want.

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