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D3D11 Hook Wallhack x86/x64

  1. run the game, inject dll, press insert for menu
  2. press F9 to see which drawing function is called by the game
  3. select DeleteTexture
  4. select Stride and use the slider till an enemy model/texture disappears
  5. press END to log the values of that model/texture to log.txt
  6. add that Stride number to your model recognition, example if(Stride == 32)
  7. next log IndexCount of that model Stride
  8. add IndexCount to your model rec, example if(Stride == 32 && IndexCount == 10155) etc.

Credits: dracorx, evolution536, test4321, Momo5000

alt tag

Here is the old version with FW1FontWrapper and MinHook: https://github.com/DrNseven/D3D11-Wallhack/tree/acc8e259e813da2e9d7ad6a39f6fcefaf1de1800


d3d11 hook x86/x64


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