Free Apex Coins And Tokens in Apex Legends

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Free Apex Coins And Tokens in Apex Legends

Download Free Apex Coins And Tokens in Apex Legends for FREE

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If you are searching for free apex coins in apex legends game, Then you have come to the perfect place. Here you will learn how to get free apex coins in the game without spending countless hours researching on top ways to get free apex coins online.

There are many ways available to get free apex coins over the internet, But most of them are fake and scams which promotes of using free apex coins generator, Which is illegal and does not work at all, We at no survey no human verification committed to provide our users only the real, trustworthy and legit methods to apex coins and tokens in the game.

So, before getting started we would like to introduce beginners with the apex legends short intro.

Apex Legends is a new huge battle royale game from the EA Games. After its launch, over 10 million gamers register themselves to apex legends only in first 72 hours. The Apex legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale game that includes Fortnite comparable visuals and gameplay.

Players needs to choose their legendary character, team-up with other two legends and just blast all the battlefield of king’s canyon and all other maps. This is a last man standing kind of game, you need to be the last man standing squad in the battle for the win.

How to Get Free Apex Coins? Legitimately!!

Actually, The Game has three currencies, which are apex coins, legend tokens and crafting metal. The crafting metal is a secondary currency of the game. Tokens and crafting metal performs a very important way for the players. Now lets go ahead and check that how to get free apex coins, legend tokens, and crafting metal.

First let’s talk about the free apex coins.

Unfortunately, there is no way in the Apex legends to get free apex coins. You cannot earn free apex coins just by playing the game. The Apex coins is a premium currency of the game, hence presently you must need to buy Apex coins in exchange of real money.

But, don’t get annoyed, read their interesting facts that can make your mood to spend your money on it. By using the apex coins you can buy the apex packs. The apex packs are amazing, they will give you very extensive rewards like crafting metals, rare legends and so on. 1 apex pack costs 100 apex coins.

If you are preparing to spend your money on the deals of apex coins, then check out the following chart which shows you their costs.

  • 1000 apex coins: – 9.99$ without any bonus
  • 2000 apex coins: – 19.99$ with the bonus of 150 extra coins
  • 4000 apex coins: – 39.99$ with the bonus of 350 extra coins
  • 6000 apex coins: – 59.99$ with the bonus of 700 extra coins
  • 10000 apex coins: – 99.99$ with the bonus of 1500 extra coins

We will refer you to choose any one of them except for the first deal. First deal for 1000 coins has no bonus coins. If you choose the deal of 20 dollars then you can earn 150 free apex coins it means you can get free coins of cost 1.5 dollars.

The deal for 4000 coins gives you 350 free apex coins that cost 3.5$. The 4th one deal for 6000 coins gives you 700 free apex coins, costs 7.0$. And the last deal for 10000 apex coins gives you 1500 free apex coins that cost 15 dollars. Above last two deal can solve your problem for how to get free apex coins, but the only condition is, you need to buy them with real money.

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How to Get Free Apex Tokens? Legally Free!!

This is the primary currency and user-friendly currency for most gamers. There is no need to buy legend tokens, you can easily get them just by playing the apex legends. As you earn free apex coins on the paid deals, just like you will earn legend token by leveling –up in the game.

By using the legend token you can unlock new legends. Just level-up by playing the battles because this is only the way to earn legend tokens.

For each level-up, you will get six hundred legend tokens. Leveling up in the game is depends on the players XP. You can use legend tokens in the rotating shop, where you can buy new weapons, weapon skins, and new legends. Only the legend tokens is a currency of the game which you can earn free and easily, therefore, you can get only those things that need legend tokens to use.

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How to Get Free Crafting Metal in Apex Legends

The crafting metal is used to unlock various items of legends tab. You cannot get crafting metal easily just like as you can’t get free apex coins.  All the exclusive items from legends tab cost crafting metals from 30 crafting metal to 1200 crafting metal. You need to earn crafting metal from the apex packs and to open apex packs you need apex coins. You can earn different three rewards in the apex pack. The apex pack gives you all rare, common, and legendary items for free except free apex coins. Most of the time apex packs reward players crafting metal.

You can get apex packs by purchasing them. How many crafting metals you will get from a single apex pack? It depends on the rarity level of the apex pack. The common pack gives 15 crafting metals, rare pack gives 30 crafting metals, epic pack gives 200 crafting metals, and legendary pack gives 600 crafting metals. The crafting metals are used to craft custom items like weapon skin, legend skin, banner frame, pose, kill quips, intro, and finisher.

What is Free Apex Coins Generator? Is it Real?

As players are searching on the internet about free apex coins generator, we thoughts to cover this topic in this post, As this fake scams of generating in-game currency spoiling the gameplay experience of gamers and also hitting hard to game developers.

free apex coins generator

We just want to let our visitors know that “There is no such thing as Free Apex Coins Generator” so never try them, They are hoax which are promoted by marketers to capture game players personal data. You won’t be able to get free in game resources using such fake or scammy things. So better avoid them.

As we know fortnite is one of the biggest game available in this category already warned to people about fake free v bucks generators kind of things. We can conclude on that basis that apex coins generator is also a fake scam. If you want to get free v bucks in fortnite legally then do visit our post.

Upcoming Things in Apex Legends Game

Apex legend is now introducing many new seasons, battle passes every week. As you know currently in this Valentine week, they just release special valentine-themed loot for the legends. So go and grab everything as fast as you can.

In March 2019, they will introduce new legends, weapons, loot, and more with the battle passes. Every week comes with new battle passes and other updates, therefore stay updated with them through the newsletter.

They are going to introduce the cross-platform gaming for Apex legends soon. The respawn entertainment tell about it into the interview between the Euro games and respawn entertainment. So you can play apex legends with your friend even if he has another device.

They currently not announced any changes about the gameplay, settings and all those things.

So, that’s all we have covered about the Apex legends. We hope the developers will introduce us new ways to earn free apex coins in the upcoming future, like a bonus of free apex coins on getting the battle pass of special events.

If you want to know tips and tricks about the playing strategies and legends then tell us into the comment section. Stay tuned with us for latest updates, news, reviews, tips, and tricks about games and apps.

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