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Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) – How to Get a Plane – GameTipCenter

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There are several airfields in Grand Theft Auto 5, with planes ripe for the taking.

No need for cheat codes here, we’re going to steal one the old fashioned way.

Stealing an airplane is actually fairly easy, it’s landing that’s the hard part.

Once you open up Trevor as a playable character you’ll instantly gain access to a few small air fields with some aircraft, but these are a ways off the beaten path. If you want to make a quick escape, I’ll show you how to find a nice plane closer to town.

The Los Santos International Airport has several small private jets that you can hijack. You’ll find the Airport at the southwest corner of the map.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Airport Location

Once you go through the gate, you should see two private jets directly in front of you and to the right a little bit. Once you get out onto the tarmac, you’ll instantly get a three star wanted level.

How to get a plane in Grand Theft Auto 5

This shouldn’t be a big deal though, because you’ll lose them after a few minutes of flying around. You need to act fast though, as security and police seem to come out of nowhere and start firing on you, damaging the plane if you take too long.

One big tip for flying: use the bumpers for small adjustments.

Enjoy flying around in your new plane, and have fun landing for the first time.

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