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THIS IS OUTDATED SINCE THE BATTLE EYE LAUNCH! Feel free to reuse any code you can recycle. I would not advise to inject this in it’s current State. Will only result in crashes and/or bans.


Line of sight check FoV check Aimlock to (Close Head, far Body) Autofire

Player ESP

Health Shield Distance

Item ESP

Name Rarity Distance


Nospread & Norecoil Instant Reload Airdrop ESP Radar – WORK IN PROGRESS


Hold Mouse5 – Aimlock Mouse4 – Toggle Autofire F6 – Toggle Instant Reload F7 – Toggle Nospread & Norecoil F8 – Toggle Chams F9 – Toggle ESP Num_8 – Increase HS_Range Num_2 – Decrease HS_Range Num_6 – Increase FoV Num_4 Decrease FoV

How To Use

Compile as Release x64 or download dll Rename dll Inject dll during MainMenue Change Settings as pleased Have Fun

Known issues

Toggeling Nospread & Norecoil or Instantreload after equipping the weapon won’t work Game might crash when quitting Some People crash when pressing the aimkey – fixed by – use same injector and same settings as below ITEM ESP Distance scales wrong – seems fixed Small FOV tends to make problems in really close combat – fixed by increasing FoV

Thanks and Rep to:

SevenSeasSinbad – for the base Zoomy500 – Original Code, chams, and D3d11 hook Randshot – Nospread & Norecoil fix liquidace – Instant Reload idea TJ888 – SDK if I should have mentioned you but didn`t please let me know


GitHub – Download dll new –…=file&id=21405 Download dll old –…=file&id=21402 How to Compile Source1 – How to compile a dll AKA how to use michaelsoft visual studio How to Compile Source2 – how 2 compile a dll pt. 2 AKA how to use gathub

Thank you all. This is my first release, so some feedback would be appreciated.

ScreenShots ESP – ESP – Injector Settings –

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