[Hack] EloBuddy – A LoL Scripting Program

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[Hack] EloBuddy – A LoL Scripting Program

Download [Hack] EloBuddy – A LoL Scripting Program for FREE
D58c0qy - Free Game CheatsWelcome to Elobuddy – The Free & Easy way to shine bright like a Diamond

First of all, I haven’t been active on this forum for a looooooong time so go easy on me with this one.

As many of you know, scripting is a fast quick and dirty way to gain ranks in League of Legends and it almost always ends up in a banned account.

The options currently on the market includes two programs requiring a subscription and most scripts come with their own pricetag (Kind of like Honorbuddy if you are familiar with that).

But luckily we now have a third and best of all a FREE option so you don’t have to spend your hard earned cash on the subscription.

Since we now save about $10 a month we can put it in our savings account for buying smurf accounts, but that’s another topic.

So tell me Thidan, where can I find this program?

Well that’s easy, head over to -> EloBuddy <- and register an account and download the program.

Ok, so I downloaded and installed it, now what?

Start the progam and you will see this screen:
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Simply login with your forum information you registered with, I save my info for automatic logins when starting the program, easier that way.

After that you will be greeted with this screen:
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Here you have the latest news, updates and other information displayed.

But the real party is over here (Click in the box I have marked out in the picture):
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Here we got all our installed scripts, or as they call it in the EloBuddy world: Addons

It’s these Addons that give you an advantage over normal users, for example dodging skillshots automatically or pressing spacebar to play just like Gosu.

Where can I get some more Addons?

You get them over here -> EloBuddy Addons <-

You find the one you like and you will almost always be greeted with a Github link for the Addon.
To install it you simply get back into the program and click on:
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Then you will be greeted with this screen:
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Here you can choose whether you want to install the Addon locally or remotely. Locally means you have downloaded the folder(s) from Github and want to install from your computer.
Remotely means you simply copy the full Github link, for example “https://github.com/Zaloopa/EloBuddy”

So now you have all those fancy new scripts, I mean, Addons. What’s next?
You connect to a custom game first to setup the program from within the game.
When you have connected it should look something like this:
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When ingame you HOLD SHIFT to open the ingame menu for EloBuddy which looks like this:
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In here you can customize almost everything you can imagine, depending on the Addons you have installed.
You simply click on the settings you wish to change (While still holding the Shift key)

One Addon I can recommend is PortAIO which is a ported Addon from one of the other two programs and is classed as an “All-In-One”-Addon with every champion covered and alot of utility scripts, I mean, Addons.

This is all I have for now and I will keep updating this/post more guides on Elobuddy in the future but with the holidays coming up, I won’t be as active.
Thank you for reading and if you have any questions feel free to comment here or on the EloBuddy forums.

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