How to claim free Black Ops Cold War & Warzone bundles

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How to claim free Black Ops Cold War & Warzone bundles

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League play is coming soon to Black Ops Cold War per an announcement from Treyarch. Here are the details.

League play has been a major request from the Call of Duty community and is coming to the game during Season 1.

Treyarch has confirmed in their newest patch notes on February 3, 2021 that League Play will release in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on Monday, February 8.

As the CDL 2021 season gets closer to kickoff, we’re putting the finishing touches on our newest iteration of League Play, scheduled to launch on Monday, Feb. 8th. Built on the foundations of Black Ops 4’s popular ladder system, Black Ops Cold War’s League Play will offer even more Ranks for competitive fans to climb during intense League Play Events.

The mode is expected to drop before February 23, which is the last day of Season 1. A huge update is coming February 4, bringing a new Zombies map and remastered Multiplayer map, Express. Considering the large update is slated for release then, we could very well see League Play drop with it.

What is League Play?

League Play is a competitive playlist with an aggressive skill matching system. Players will compete in game modes with restrictions to weapons, perks, and attachments in line with the official Call of Duty League ruleset.

Game modes are also adjusted to custom rulesets, and maps are restricted to a custom map pool, voted on by the Call of Duty League professional players. This is the ultimate mode to play like the pros.

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What to expect

If Black Ops Cold War’s League Play is a traditional Call of Duty League Play, we should be expecting several rank tiers, with a seasonal reset system. Each season, players should have a variety of ranks to progress through by winning games.

If Black Ops Cold War follows the Black Ops 4 formula, you will progress through skill ranks by obtaining gems from game wins. As you collect gems, your skill rank will increase. Black Ops 4’s league play was heavily debated amongst players due to it having a gem cap each day. Hopefully, Black Ops Cold War will change this system a bit if they choose to use it.

In a new blog post on the Call of Duty website on February 3, 2021, Activision shared that Black Ops Cold War’s League Play will build on Black Ops 4’s version. It will feature 30 ranks to climb through during League Play events.

As the Call of Duty League starts the first stage of its second season and with the return of a legendary map in competitive play, League Play’s debut in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer draws closer.

Scheduled to launch during Season One Reloaded, League Play is the ultimate proving ground for those looking to improve their game and claim bragging rights, while potentially crossing paths with Call of Duty League pros warming up for their next big game.

Building on the popularity of Black Ops 4’s ladder-based system, League Play in Black Ops Cold War will allow players to earn their way through 30 Ranks in League Play Events. Only the very best will win their way to the top of their Division Ladder!

In the best-case scenario, we could also receive exclusive rewards for progressing through the league play ranks. This could be in the form of tiered character skins, weapon camos, or calling cards. This may be wishful thinking, but it is worth noting that Advanced Warfare’s ranked playlist did have custom exo-suits for the skill divisions, so it could very well happen in another Call of Duty game.

For now, we’ll have to wait for official communication from Treyarch for more info. Stay tuned.

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