How To Get Blue Essence Fast In LoL [2019]

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How To Get Blue Essence Fast In LoL [2019]

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Blue essence is an essential resource in League of Legends for every player. Similar to Riot Points, Blue Essence can be used to make in-game purchases, without the need of spending real money. Due to it being obtainable in-game for free, many players are always on the lookout for the fastest ways to obtain it so they can exchange it for champions and skins.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the various ways to get blue essence and which is the fastest. If you’re in desperate needs of some blue essence and don’t want to waste too much of your time, then keep on reading!

How To Get Blue Essence Fast

how to get blue essence fast

The fastest way to get blue essence in League of Legends is to play PvP games with XP boosts active.

If you don’t want to spend any precious Riot Points on buying boosts, then PvP games are still the fastest way to get level up. For every level your reach in LoL, you’ll be awarded a champion capsule which contains shards. These shards can be disenchanted for blue essence and spent on whatever you like.

If for whatever reason you hate playing against real people due to the number of trolls and bad players, then you can always play against the computer. Winning co-op AI games will give you better experience per minute than losing a PvP match, but only if you have boosts enabled. If you don’t want to spend real money on those important boosts, then you’re better off playing PvP matches.

Where To Get Blue Essence

win of the day blue essence reward

To receive blue essence, you’ll be able to get it from several places including champion shards, mission rewards and level milestone rewards. Since these are the primary ways to get blue essence, your grinding strategy should involve one of these methods, if not all of them.

Level Milestone Rewards

When you first start leveling your account, you will receive level milestone rewards at every level all the way up to level 30. After this, you’ll only receive champion capsules, but they will still contain blue essence.

Mission Rewards

To encourage players to play League of Legends every day, Riot has a win of the day objective that grants players 50 blue essence and 400 XP. If you want to get blue essence fast and increase your champion level, then completing this object every day is crucial. 50 blue essence might not sound like a lot, but in only 10 days you’ll have 500 blue essence more. Combine this with the other methods, and you can easily grind a lot of blue essence in a short amount of time.

If you’re having a hard time getting your win of the day on a PvP game, then you can also get it by winning a PvE game.

Championship Shards

Championship shards are obtained from champion and honor capsules as well as hextech boxes. Disenchanting these champion shards into blue essence will give you 20% of that champion’s blue essence purchase cost. The strategy here is to collect as many of these boxes and possible and disenchant them to get the most blue essence.

Our Top Blue Essence Tips

Now you know the various ways to get blue essence, here are a few extra tips to speed up your grinding.

Only Play PvP Matches

As we mentioned previously, PvP games grant the most XP per win and loss compared to any other game type. That’s why we suggest only playing PvP games and not any AI games. To increase your XP even more (and get those capsules faster) then you should consider buying XP boosts.

Get Boosts If You Can

Although they can be expensive, XP boosts will help you significantly when it comes to grinding blue essence. Stacking XP boosts is also a good idea if you want to speed up the process. Although XP boosts are optional (and pricey), they are great for the hardcore grinders at higher levels.


As you’ve probably figured by now, the fastest way to get blue essence is by playing PvP games. Regardless if you have a boost enabled or not, PvP games will always grant you more XP per win or loss than AI games. Getting as much XP as possible is crucial to getting blue essence fast as it allows you to receive milestone rewards and champion capsules faster. These rewards can then be disenchanted for blue essence which is your primary goal.

We hope this guide helped you on your quest to getting blue essence faster. If you want to skip the boring stuff and get yourself tens of thousands of blue essence, then be sure to check out our League of Legends accounts. With accounts starting with 30k blue essence, why waste your time grinding away those games?

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