How to get free HUD skins.

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How to get free HUD skins.

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So I just realized there’s an exploit in the game right now that you can use to basically get free HUDs.

Basically, if you meet a player who has one of the custom HUDs, and enable it in your match through the share tab, it will stay on for SUBSEQUENT matches, until you close the game, or switch it out again. Now the thing is, this also works for replays as well! (Or at least it does for me, although I’m sure it’s not just a bug specific to me.)

So all you need to do is, let’s say you’d like to have the Dire HUD. Play matches until you meet a player that shares the Dire HUD, or alternatively find a replay, if you know someone who has it, that shares it. In either case, download the replay of the match and load it up once every time you start Dota. Switch the Dire HUD on, close the replay and you’re done.

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