How to Get Free Valorant Points Codes

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How to Get Free Valorant Points Codes

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As every game has a resource for in-game purchases, Rito has given the name ‘Valorant Points’ to the resource inside this game.

Usually, valorant points are obtained by paid / free valorant points gift card. In this article, we will briefly explain all you need to know about Valorant points.

We will also answer if it is possible to get free valorant points codes.

What are Valorant Points

Many Valorant players must have noticed a ‘V’ symbol (brown in colour) on the top-right of your main menu.

However, not many people know what these points are and what is the use of these points.


The mentioned points are known as Valorant Points (VP). Now every game has an in-game currency so that a user can perform in-app purchases for the items they want.

Valorant Points are the game currency of Riot Games that can be used in Valorant to purchase its items.

Use of Valorant Points

Valorant Points have a wide variety of in-game uses. One of the features because of which people buy free Radiante points or Valorant points Codes is to purchase different characters.

For example: If Riot releases a new agent, you cannot unlock it directly. Every agent has a contract which you need to complete till Level 5 to unlock that agent.


Reaching level 5 in the contract requires more than 15 hours of in-game grind. Hence, you cannot play the newly released agent directly.

However, Valorant points can be used to unlock the contract levels instantly and immediately getting access to the new character.

More Uses of Valorant Points Codes:

  • Ability to unlock new agent skins
  • Power to unlock any weapon skin
  • Ability to unlock any tier level of a contract
  • Ability to upgrade skins to max level in exchange of only 10 radiante points.
  • Can be used to purchase Radiante points

Note: Valorant points do not grant you any competitive advantage in-game over the other player in any way. They are merely used for cosmetics show off, or new character unlocks.

How to Get Free Valorant Points Codes

Yes, you heard that right. There is a secret trick through which you can easily claim upto 10,000 free Valorant points and around 1,000 free Radiante points.

There is a temporary service which organizes daily free valorant points codes giveaway. However, you can only use this service once per day per account.

Visit the forum below to access this service before it ends and claim your free valorant points gift cards or codes using our exclusive Valorant point hack.


Steps to Get Free Valorant Point Gift Cards

  • Visit our valorant points hack through the button above, or by clicking here.
  • Select the amount of Valorant Points and Radiante Points you want to claim.

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  • Enter your Riot ID / Username and chose the platform as PC.

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  • Click on the Generate button to start the process.
  • After successful completion of any task, you will get the points into your account within 12 to 15 minutes.

Paid Methods to get Valorant Point Codes

You can also buy Valorant points codes or gift cards through various online marketplaces such as WaysToSmurf, G2A or even Amazon. These stores won’t directly provide you with points.

Instead, they give a code or a gift card which you can then redeem in the Valorant store to get your Valorant points.

Steps to Redeem Valorant Points Codes

  • Make sure you are in the main menu of the game
  • Go to the Valorant store by clicking on the points symbol
  • Go to “Prepaid Cards or Codes”
  • Enter the code you bought and click submit
  • Congrats! You just redeemed your Valorant points

How does Free Valorant Gift Cards Work

We cannot hide the fact that Valorant has become one of the most played FPS shooters in North America.

As a result, the websites which provide free valorant points codes get an enormous amount of traffic.

A large amount of traffic implies more advertisement (ad) clicks. Finally, they invest around 50% to 80% (varies from one service to another) of their ad earnings in purchasing Valorant points gift cards / codes.

Since they purchase these codes in bulk, they also get a decent discount on the gift cards.

Prices of Valorant Point Gift Cards

You can buy valorant points gift cards or codes for as low as $4.99 for 475 VP. The more amount you buy more is the number of bonus valorant points you get.

You can check the full price list in the picture below.


The screenshot above compares the prices of Valorant points in North America and in the United Kingdom.


In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about free Valorant point codes. It also includes a step-by-step beginner-friendly instructions to guide you through the process of claiming free valorant points gift cards.

Therefore, those who want to climb up ranks in Valorant seriously must start farming these free valorant points as early as possible.

Finally, do not forget to bookmark this page as we will soon be posting about a trick to get free valorant skins without purchasing Radiante points.

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