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How to Buy From TAO-BAO Without An Agent

How To Buy From Tao-bao Without An Agent

TAO-BAO is a Chinese base e-commerce website by Alibaba. According to the famous proverb, If anything, possible, then it must be on TAOBAO. This website has an enormous amount of things at affordable prices and can deliver globally, and they also sell at wholesale prices. They have many types of phone, electronic appliance, jewelry, dresses, kitchen items, and other daily use products Why we need an agent for shopping on TAOBAO It's straightforward to buy through this website. If you are not using a translation option and want to shop as it is, then you need an intermediary who can translate from Chinese to English for you. That a person may handle all your shopping and shipment procedures for you. But if you can use this translate option, then it will be easy for you to shop. So it's my suggestion just to follow these instructions and shop you're self How to buy from TAOBAO Go to your play store of smartphone search for an application TAOBAO. The home screen will appear in the Chinese language. You will not understand anything. So you have to take the help of a Chinese friend? No, What you have to do is click on your country name button. This country option button will be on the left top corner of the home screen. Now prices of all the products will translate into your country's currency. It will more accessible for you to check price tags. How to register Now you need to register there you have to add your email address and phone number.They ask for a phone number because they have to send verification code. Once you complete this procedure, you can make any purchase on this world knownE-commerce website. Start shopping Now start exploring products and their prices if you find anything reasonable just click on that thing and then press the “add to cart “button, fill cart according to your need. But if you are looking for a particular item. Then you need to click on the search bar and write the English name of that required item. You will get many options for that product. According to their color sizes and shapes, Now select options wisely. Once you get satisfied with the product, then select add to cart option. Comparing prices There are many sellers available on the website; they all offered different prices to the same looking items according to their quality and quantity to compare the prices, press on the thing. You will get an option of “find similar” click on this. You will get the whole list of the seller who is selling this product with a different price tag and choose a product which you find suitable for you and read the description of that item. Shipping Methods After selecting items, they will ask about “delivery options.” They offer two kinds of delivery by direct shipping or cargo. Select any one option which suits you. If you don't understand these methods, letI explain it to you. Direct shipping- this method is used if you are buying one product or buying many products but only from one seller. In this way, the parcel will be sent to you directly from China's warehouse. Cargo or globally consolidated shipping- this method will be used by you only when you are buying from more than one seller. In this method, all your parcels are first sent to a warehouse in China, and then they pack all items together for international shipment. If you need an item urgently, then go for a direct delivery option for that product and choose a consolidated method for all other products. Order confirmation Now check your cart one last time. If you had added anything unnecessary, you could cancel it. Only by the press on the “delete” button after finalizing your shopping cart. You will only have the items which you need. Now the rest of the procedure is just the same as any other online website. Address where parcel to be delivered Now add an address to the form where you want your package to be delivered. After adding the address, set it as “default” now, when you order next time your address will be filled automatically. And you don't need to fill it again. Finalized the buying products They are giving you still a chance to select the items with a tick option. One more time,check your wish list after ticking press to the orange colored button on your right-hand side. Recheck the address They will ask you to check the address one more time, so if you had typed anything incorrect. You can correct it. Payment Methods Suppose you are using this shopping app for the first time. They will ask you to choose a password for an account on ALIPAY, which is an online payment website for China, also used by Alibaba if you want to pay by bank credit card. They will charge 1.5℅ as a service fee. Now your order is confirmed and will reach on time.

How to Create An E-commerce Website with Word Press 2020?

How To Create An E-commerce Website With Word Press 2020?

Well, are you guys one of those looking to open an online store and thinking about Word-Press to do so. Researches proved that approximately 30 to 35% of websites these days are powered by Word-Press. It’s one of the most significant advantages that it’s free. Well, I advise you to search for some alternative too. No doubt, word press is an excellent platform, but it is not useful for everyone. After all, that, if you are still selecting word press, then it’s great. Driving a profitable business online is not so easy. You have to be capable of it. Many people take it very easy to open an online store, but their skills are not enough to operate this business. Therefore, you should develop some necessary skills for driving a profitable business online with the help of word press. Even turning word press into a selling machine demands you be more focused, and you are going to need some necessary resources. Well, you don’t need to worry about all that because I am here for you to guide you about all that. I will be sharing How to create an E-commerce website with word press 2020. This method to start a successful online business with the help of a word press will have some steps. Creating an E-commerce website with the help of the word press is not so difficult. Here are some necessary steps you need to follow to create a word press E-commerce website: Get the perfect Domain name Hosting provider sign up You can install your word press One-click installation Manual Installations Complete log in procedure Change appearance Get plugins installed Add your products Now make your website public. Get the perfect Domain name Your journey to set up a successful online business starts with a simple step to get the perfect domain name. This domain name will be a unique address for your website. Choose it wisely. There are many websites where you can easily buy your domain name. For example, Go Daddy and Name Cheap are great websites to acquire the domain name for your online business. Well, if you are lucky enough, then your dream domain name will be available. The best idea for your domain name is to select something very close to your product or services you are going to offer. Hosting provider sign up Once you got your perfect domain name, now it’s time to find an ideal hosting provider for you. It’s not that hard to find one. I advise you always to skip the shared hosting. It is because sharing your server with other websites is not safe. For example, if one of the sites gets hacked, your website will be in danger, too, so always try your best to avoid sharing hosting. You can install your word press Now it is time to install your word press and build a platform for your online store or business. Well, there are two basic methods to install WordPress. One is very easy and called a one-click installation, and the other is Manual installation. One-click installation Well, if you want to try a natural method, then go for one-click installation. This is not hard as you can install your word press with one click from your dashboard of hosting. Manual installation This is not hard too. It is simple also because you can download from any online server or website and then upload it to your hosting account. Complete log in the procedure Well, after installing word press on your PC, you need to complete the login procedure. You can add your business details as required. Change appearance To make your website look more attractive and represent the products or services you are going to offer, you should change the appearance of your website by applying a theme. You only need to download a zip file of the theme you want to install or use. Get plugins installed Go to the plugin option on your left in the word press dashboard. Go to the plugin directory and search for your desired one. Woo Commerce is the best option. This allows you to add your business detail, and it is self-explaining, then you are required to select payment options. You will also be asked for the shipping rates of your products. This plugin is best as you can choose the theme that is perfect for your business. The last step will be the activation of a jetpack, and you will be asked for it. You only need to press the button showing text, continue with the jetpack. Add your products Well, after completing all requirements, you will be invited to add your first product. There will be different options like product name, product price, product images, and it’s the description. Now make your website public This is the most comfortable and last step. Just go to settings and select privacy after adding your privacy policy to make your website public. Good luck with your business!

How To Optimize Your Website?

How To Optimize Your Website?

To learn how you can optimize your website can prove to be crucial for the success of the site you own. It guarantees that your website is working exactly as it is supposed to do. If you have optimized your website, you can attract more potential audience. Thus more traffic will be invited. And a site which has been optimized and thus, gains more attraction of the audience and potential readers, has got more chances to get high-ranked by Google. In this article, we have covered for you the essential tips and strategies which can prove to be beneficial if you are looking for them to optimize your website. Why do you need to get your website optimized? Before learning how to optimize your website, it would be necessary to know why you need to get your site optimized. The following list comes up with the reasons for them. Make your website more beneficial for your audience: Yes, doing this step will help your audience a lot. Because, when Google will rank your website at the top. It is going to attract more and more audience. And that is precisely why you desire. Right? So, Google tries to prioritize the best content, which adds up to the significance. Also, it decides to bless its users with the best website experience. So, when you work on the optimization of your website and some keywords techniques, the same purpose can be served. Thus, helping you gain more ranking. It helps you grow an organic audience. The audience who is visiting your website matters for you. So you don't want them to poke around on different other websites and leave yours. Instead, you want them to be consistent at your site and support it more. When you work on the optimization of the website you own, you can also check the navigation of the audience on your website. Like how many times they have touched the screen or how much of them have signed up by their emails. It aids your website to work harder, as you want it to be. You want your audience to get converted at much higher rates. To fulfill the purpose, you have to study your audience carefully and give them what they need and expect. If you've, like rightly, done the research and applied that particular data to your site, you can expect a jump in conversion rates. The people who visit your site find what they require instantly and appreciate your website as well as the brand for providing it. How to optimize your website in some simple steps? Following tips and tricks with the simple strategies to optimize your website will help you a lot if you are trying to do so. Analyze your overall data. Analyzing only a part of your website would bear no Fruit until you are not analyzing the whole data. When you look at all the data, it is easy for you to notice the patterns. It might not be an issue for you if a few are people who are ignoring the CTA on your website and are not clicking on it. Right? But what if a massive number of audience is failing to click it? It is going to be a bit more disturbing for you. So, you have to analyze how your audience is behaving on your website. Do not forget to avail of the aids like User Behaviour Reports or Google Search Console. They will give you a complied report on how the audience behaves once it has landed your website. Work on conducting more exact keywords. There was a time, a few years ago, when using one or more keywords will get your website higher ranking, the very next day. But SEO and all is not working the same way, anymore. Use different tools like Ubersuggest to help you find more keywords relevant to your article. Produce content that adds up to the value of your website. What buffer has told the ideal length of an article is 1600 words. Before you finalize on what will be the optimum length for your content, Google the primary keyword of you and then, visit the top 10 results in the SERPs. Are there some articles and their pages longer than 1,600 words? Then, your count should alone be of the same length. Length isn't everything, you should know. However, it conveys a signal to Google that you are providing your audience with more information. If lots of people spend a long time with more duration on that page reading from the start to the very end, you have got more chances to rank higher. Speed up the pages. A lot of website owners do not know the importance of this crucial factor. Yes, the speed of your pages matters when it comes to the optimization of your website. No one will stay on your site if its pages are taking forever to get opened. Similarly, if someone has filled a form on your website and way is not being submitted due to the slow speed, the reader is more likely to get distracted to other websites. Optimize the website for mobiles as well. When more and more people are accessing websites via mobile devices, you do not want to leave those potential conversions out in the cold. Furthermore, Google has now launched themobile-first index, which means that you might rank better if you focus more on mobile-friendliness.

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