How to make your first hack client

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How to make your first hack client

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Have a normal brain
Have JDK installed (Video tutorial: Java Programming Tutorial – 1 – Installing the JDK – YouTube)
Basic Java knowledge

What you’ll need:

Eclipse (Download link:
Minecraft Coders Pack (Download link: MCP Releases – Minecraft Coder Pack)

MCP = Minecraft Coders Pack
Credits: Nick ~ checkKey function

Do a clean force-update of your Minecraft to allow effective and stable decompiling
Navigate to your “.minecraft” folder in your AppData (Press ‘START’ then ‘RUN’ then type ‘%appdata%.minecraft’).
Extract MCP and run “cleanup.bat” and then “updatemcp.bat”, this will update all the tools you will need to decompile and recompile your client with.
Go back to your ‘.minecraft’ folder and copy and paste the ‘bin’ and ‘resources’ folders into the MCP ‘jars’ folder.
Run ‘decompile.bat’ afterwards, a ‘src’ & ‘eclipse’ folder should appear.
Set your eclipse workspace to your MCP ‘eclipse’ folder.
Time to get coding! In eclipse, set the workspace to the following folder. ‘Client’ > ‘src’ > ‘net.minecraft.src’, this will be our directory for creating our hacks.
Navigate to the class file you see called ‘’.
What we’re going to do here is create our hotkey & overlay base. But before we can do that, we’re going to need to import the keyboard.
Where you see the other “imports” at the top, import the keyboard via:

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