How to use the hacks in CS:GO and avoid getting banned

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How to use the hacks in CS:GO and avoid getting banned

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Hello everybody, today we’re gonna speak about using the CS:GO cheats without getting banned.
It’s not necessary to use our software, this article is about the general rules of behavior, which you need to follow to avoid being suspected of cheating. We will also learn how to play without the reports about you.

How CS:GO fights cheaters

CS:GO, at this moment, has two systems to punish the cheaters: VAC and Overwatch.
VAC, also known as Valve Anti-Cheat, automatic system, which can ban you, if you would join a VAC protected server with the detected cheat enabled. This system does not care how you act in-game. If the hack is detected — you will get banned.

The main source of the automatic VAC bans is mainly free public cheats, however, bad cheats can get you VAC banned fast as well. Good cheats are not getting detected often, sometimes they don’t get detected at all. The HAG, for example, is working great for more than 3 years now and no problems. Vac is not detecting it and probably not going to. But it’s not normal for every paid cheat, so be careful.

The second system is Overwatch, this one is the main danger for the cheaters at this moment. If you are playing at the Matchmaking and too many people have reported you, then your replay will be sent for an overview. Overwatch volunteers will be reviewing how you play.
Few people will check your replay and will vote if you are a cheater or not. If the percentage of the votes will be high enough — you will get a ban.
Further, in this article we will discuss in details, how to avoid such a sad ending as a CS:GO ban.

VAC ban

VAC ban

How to avoid receiving a VAC ban

First of all, let’s discuss, what VAC is like.

Valve Anti Cheat is a pretty old automatic system, which recognizes the game client changes, memory changes, and other injections and different hooks. Tricky cheat developers are using different methods to hide their cheats from the eyes of VAC. They use encryption and other difficult stuff which is commonly used for creating the viruses, but these work for you, not against you.

The easiest way to get a VAC ban is by using public cheats, as we already know. However, VAC can happen with you even if you use the paid cheats. The difference is in protection, paid cheats are usually better protected. You can never be one hundred percent sure you won’t get a VAC ban. You can try to find out, how long the cheat is running without detections and was it ever detected.

The best option to trust your account is the cheat that was never detected. A little note, it is good that your cheat was never detected, however, it should run for 1 year at least. If it was ok within the year — its protection is decent. There were many cheats that were detected after one or even two years.

We are done with VAC now, let’s talk about another system. This one will require the efforts from you, not from the cheat developers.

How to avoid receiving an Overwatch ban

You can avoid getting VAC using good cheats, but this won’t help with Overwatch, things are getting more difficult here.
It depends mostly on you, will get an Overwatch ban or not. It’s about your in-game behavior, how you act and what you do.

Two main methods can be distinguished of how to counter the Overwatch.
The first and the most important — safe methods of using the cheat in-game, also known as «legit». You do your best in using your cheats the way that nobody can suspect you in cheating.
The second — don’t play much in a row. You can’t get reported too many times if you’ve played one match only, so you won’t get reviewed. We will discuss this further in details.

Safe cheating technique

One must always keep in mind that it is important to behave like a regular player. Your main goal is to win more games than lose. Do not rage, no need to score 20 — 0, follow our suggestions and everything would be all right.

Too good score

Too good score

Wallhack usage tips

No need to target invisible enemies behind the walls! Overwatch will see through the walls as well when they will be reviewing you and it will be very obvious, iff you will be tracking enemies behind the walls using your crosshair. Normal players do not do that, they aim where the enemy can appear in front of them.

Do not shoot through penetrable surfaces where the normal player won’t be doing this. Maybe some very good CS:GO player can do such a cool move and kill somebody behind this crate just because he thought that somebody was there, but you should not do this. The difference between you and him is very simple. Both of you will be suspected of cheating, but you are a cheater and he is not. No need to do a very good move, which an average player won’t normally do.

Do not aim at the walls! Sometimes you do it not intentionally, when you want to look on the ESP, what’s your enemies are doing behind the wall. No need to do it, aim where you are going and where your enemy can come from. Do it even if you know that there is nobody there.

Watch out for the enemies! Even if you know, that nobody is gonna ambush you in the next room, you should check the possible locations of the enemy while you go through the room. No need to rush forward, check the places when somebody can hide and wait for you. You will be less suspected of cheating if you won’t look like the one that always knows where the enemy is.

Shooting tips

Do not use the aimbot! Aimbot is artificially moving your camera, even if it’s doing it very smooth, it is possible to detect that it’s not the human-like moves. If the aimbot is doing is very smooth then maybe you can do it faster and better yourself? Besides that, VAC can detect your cheat for changing the camera angles and such sort of things.

The triggerbot, also known as auto shoot, works best. You move the camera yourself, it’s just shooting in time. We hardly recommend this type of shooting assistance.

No need to pre-fire! Pre-fire is cool, of course, especially if you hear your enemy, but this can look suspicious still. We previously spoke about the cool moves, you don’t want to do them while using the cheats, especially often.

Do not shoot me, don't be suspicious

Do not shoot me, don't be suspicious

General behaving tips

No need to show off in the chat! You can get a report even if you’re a good player, but somebody just doesn’t like you. While being a cheater, we don’t want any reports at all. Try to be very polite and nice for everybody, your teammates and enemies.

Watch your score! We just want to be a little better than an average player, not much better. If you will be much better — you will get spotted, sooner or later. Let’s act smartly and get the desired Global Elite rank.

Try to avoid being on the top of the scoreboard, try to die sometimes. Kill & Death ratio higher than two will definitely attract somebody and he will just report you out of jealousy. Let’s cheat smart, no need to attract attention, just play a bit better than the others and win more often.

Playing less technique

You can’t get an Overwatch ban if you don’t get reviewed, right?

Volunteers get your replay if the amount of report within the past 24 hours was higher than some value, which is only known by VALVE.
Considered to be that you can play one or two maps a day safely. Even if everybody there will report you, you won’t get reviewed. Everybody gets the reports, impossible to review so many people.

Nobody knows the exact numbers, but we suggest you follow the 5 reports a day rule, it becomes way too dangerous to get more. You should understand that you can get reported for no reason. They won’t write in the chat that they’ve sent a report every time, they can just do it silently, so be careful.

If you feel like you’re doing too cool and you definitely got reported — switch off the game, at least at this account, that’s the way to avoid Overwatch.


Now you know two techniques which will protect you from VAC and Overwatch. Make sure to combine them, this will give you the best result, they work best together.

  1. Use only high quality and trusted CS:GO hacks.
  2. Follow the safe cheating rules as precise as possible.
  3. Know when to stop, if you feel that you got the reports. You can create a few accounts and switch between them, if one account got some reports today, but you still want to play.

Have fun and play safe! I hope that our suggestions will help you to get your Global Elite and your skins will stay safe!

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