League of Legends Hack

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League of Legends Hack

Download League of Legends Hack for FREE

As you all know , LoL is one of the best and most popular MMO strategy games at the moment and close to being as popular as DotA 2. Riot games is working hard to bring us new content and keep the game fresh and interesting for players. With every patch ,League of legends hack needs to be updated and we are now proud to present to you the latest version of the tool. There are many new features in 3.7 version and above and we will try to explain to you how each module of LoL hack works and a detailed instructions for new users.

Basics of League of Legends Hacks 3.7

There are several modules that the developer team made and so far we can use league of legends rp hack and ip hack. There was a plan to use map hack but at the end it seemed like too much work to maintain and only few people used it. That is why most focus was made on Riot Points and Influence points. This is a VIP tool and only few people are using it at the moment, since it was released quite recently and only handful of users had access.We got permission to launch it on our blog readers. We will cover features in full later in this post. This is how it looks like.

League of Legends Hack

This is the latest UI change for v3.7

Download League of Legends Hack – Cheat Engine v3.7

Step by step instructions

  1. Download the lol hack tool above (like, tweet or +1 to unlock download button) or click Here
  2. Get the licence key from (mirror 1,2 or 3 buttons) 
  3. Paste the key and verify it (this the code to access decryption servers, its not actual key for the tool, so its mandatory)
  4. Choose league of legends RP or IP hack
  5. Choose the module you want to use with League of legends hack
  • For Riot points , you will generate the encrypted code and have it decrypted after that (check the video at the end), which then gives you a working RP code just like when you buy it online
  • For Influence points , you should just choose amount and enter the summoner ID , and hit the hack button , changes should be made really quickly

 New features for version 3.7

league of legends hacks

The loader app for league of legends hacks modules. It checks the current detection and update status

It does not look like much , but the loader app is one of the several new things that was introduced in version 3 of the cheat engine and allowed the users to check for updates and patch detection status on League of Legends servers. Map hack was removed because it was not as popular and developers decided to focus on RP and IP more as two main modules. Here are few of these changes

  • RP generator now generates prepaid codes instead of injecting in client. This makes it much safer for use and Riot points added this way are never removed
  • You can now choose 10$/20$ codes which gives you 1380/3500 points
  • More codes per day due to fast decryption servers
  • Influence points hack gets a new security feature that checks for detection before connecting

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