League of Legends RP Hack Code [2014]

league of legends betting - Free Game Cheats

League of Legends RP Hack Code [2014]

Download League of Legends RP Hack Code [2014] for FREE
league of legends betting - Free Game Cheats
Hello guys, I found out new RP hack which works and its awesome, and today i will show you how to get Free Riot Points, all you have to do is to watch the video and read the description and you will know what to do. Now i use only link which is bugged, its Yasuo bug, and it works Fine Velkoz Patch 2014.
This bug is based on RIOT’s YasuoPatch, which should be for new players to get easier in league of legends. this “Yasuo-Special” never became public, cause they couldn’t organize a random amount from 50 RP till 100 RP. so long story short: this “trick”, “bug”, “hack” (call it whatever you like) its working 100% for the player, but not for riot, cause they’re loosing so much money… 1. Start League of Legends and log in with your new account !

2. You can choose name as you wish, no need to have “boo” in the summoner name !

3. Use the same icon i used in the video, “Sword with wigns ” icon !

4. Click on beginner, because its easier to lvl up !

5. Play till level 3!! then riot will offer to u 400 RP buy Xp x2 for 3 day then play Coops cuze it is easy and give more rp till lvl 10

6. After reaching level 10 restart your PC and wait 24 hours, meanwhile you can play !

7. However, some accounts need to wait for 48hours to get your free riot points…..

8. Enjoy in your Riot Points !

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