Minecraft Force OP -Admin Hack

minecraft mods 2744741 - Free Game Cheats

Minecraft Force OP -Admin Hack

Download Minecraft Force OP -Admin Hack for FREE

Minecraft Force OP Hack

Become an admin on any server today!

minecraft mods 2744741 - Free Game Cheats

 If there are any abusing admins get them back with this and rule the server!!!

After working hard on this genuine program i finally finished it and now its ready to be sent out to the public.

If anyone has been harsh to you for any unreasonable reason, turn yourself into an admin and get them by banning them, kicking them or using custom plugins to ruin their day!

I will not take this down for any reason because i feel that regular players should stop being abused!

Just enter your username and type in the servers IP and let the program do the rest! No sweat, No trouble. Easy and Fun!

Follow the tutorial below to get this program and use it!

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1. Download the program (Link Above)

4. Enter the IP of the server you are on

5. Hit the “Force OP” button

6. wait about 3-4 minutes to take affect

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