Minecraft Server DDOSser (Crasher)

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Minecraft Server DDOSser (Crasher)

Download Minecraft Server DDOSser (Crasher) for FREE
Hello, this is a release of my server crasher.
So yea it crashes servers but you need good internet to do it.
Even if you have crappy internet it will crash most home-hosted servers.

1. Download and Extract ALL the files to your desktop or somewhere. (All the Files need to be in the same location!!!!)
2. Open Ping.txt and change the ping to the server you want to ddos.
3. Open DDos.exe
Wait until the server goes down.
If it doesent go down open the file once more.

Virus Scan:
Ddos.rar – Jotti’s malware scan
@Polo @Nico @ahmadtaha26
Ill send source code if you don’t trust me.
I’ll also send the raw file.

@Polo @Nico @ahmadtaha26

Tell me if you have any problems.

Download here

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