Private Lobby Cheats cheats for Dota 2 on PC

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Private Lobby Cheats cheats for Dota 2 on PC

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Private Lobby Cheats

Added: Jul 20th 2013

Below you will find a list of cheats that you can enable in a private lobby where the option for ‘Enable Cheats’ has been set. To be able to enter them, press the Chat (Enter) key during a match. Note that where a ‘x’ is indicated, this will be replaced with whatever number you put in the code.

All bots gain x levels:

Destroys all wards:

Disables lane creep spawning:

Displays AI status:

Enable lane creep spawning:

Gain x levels:

Gain x unreliable gold:

Gives the player full health and mana, and renews cooldowns:

Kills all creeps:

Moves the player to fountain, also respawning if dead:

Sets the timer to 0:00, creeps spawn and game starts:

Spawns a rune randomly at one of the two rune spots:

Spawns creeps instantly:

Spawns neutral camps instantly, taking into account neutral spawn blocking:

Turn off “allvision” mode, going back to default fog of war vision:

Turn off “wtf” mode (see below):

Turn on “allvision” mode, where the player is given vision of both factions:

Turn on “wtf” mode, where abilities have no mana cost or cooldown:

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