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Rainbow Six Siege – Free Download

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Rainbow Six Siege takes the popular squad tactics found in Counter Terrorism from Ubisoft, and it sends it to its natural conclusion for a Counter Strike game. You also have an interesting team-based multiplayer mode. Along with creating some of the best FPS gameplay, Ubisoft Montreal set up three main focuses while they were creating Rainbow Six Siege: teamwork, tension and tactics.

The setting takes place in some of the most tight and destructible environments. Every round in Rainbow Six Siege approaches the game with much of the same formula. For example, you play as the counter terrorism squad, and you have a mission to thwart the terrorists. That’s what they call them, anyway. In fact, you face off against another Special Ops team who must play solid defense to win. This hot five-on-five action keeps the numbers balanced, but the classes and goals will sometimes be different. Because of the setup, you have more asymmetrical gameplay to keep the enemy team guessing.

With the setup, you must plan out your tactics ahead of time. You have to look at the character classes you want to equip for battle before you take to each round. The developers added an additional layer to the game where you must plan before you start the assault, which differentiates it from the other FPS games. In one phase, the Rainbow Six team can conduct a recon mission where they plan their attack. Meanwhile, the opposition focuses on improving their defenses.

While that showcases the teamwork and tactics, pinning down the tension element can be a little more difficult. Luckily, Ubisoft clarified their ideas for the tension element. Basically, they look at the plan and attack. This becomes one part of the duration during the match, and the short bouts have become common in the gameplay. In fact, most of the rounds only last three minutes. The developers made for asymmetric gameplay because they wanted to keep gamers guessing about what will unfold next. In beta, for example, you had to rescue hostages, but the time limit made everything more tense. The team had to make the most of their surveillance techniques to find the location of the hostages. While all this happens, the terrorists have secured the doors, covered the windows and reinforced the walls. Balancing the lack of knowledge for the counter terrorist team, the maps were designed much smaller and with plenty of verticality to give squads numerous points of entrance.

Alongside the competitive multiplayer mode, you can also enter the Terrorist Hunt mode. In this mode, you battle it out against waves of terrorists. As your team dismantles bombs, the terrorists will continue attacking in waves in an effort to stop you. Rainbow Six Siege includes a range of difficulty settings, including a realistic option where you die with a single shot.


  • Fast-paced multiplayer action
  • 5-on-5 team mode a lot of fun
  • Wave-based modes


  • Lacks a rich diversity in maps
  • Invasive microtransactions

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