Rev1veCheats: Industry Standards of All Gaming Hacks

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Rev1veCheats: Industry Standards of All Gaming Hacks

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Remember not all products will work on windows 10 version. Certains products will only work on certain windows build. Prior to purchase, please double check if compatible

Payments and Refunds

Since our services provide electronic, virtual intangible goods we do not offer refunds. You will not receive any refund for partial or non-usage of the services provided, please confirm if the subscription will be compatible with your PC build


WE are NOT responsible for banned acconts. There is always a risk with cheating and therefore NO refunds or responsibilities will be held in our side. Should the developer cease operation or updates in the future, Rev1ve will not compensate or provide refunds. If somehow the software is incompatible with your PC and not working, we are not responsible

Our Service

Rev1ve sells software subscription to customers. Our softwares are owned by various different developers and therefore they own the property of these goods.The softwares have been created to be used on playful purposes. . No refunds or partial refunds will be given should the website cease operations or become unable to provide content updates for any reason.

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