Roblox is rated “Poor” with 2.5

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Roblox is rated “Poor” with 2.5

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Recently I purchased some Robux for my daughter, I paid for them on my debit card and all went through fine with the money showing deducted from my bank account. After about 5 minutes all the Robux on her account disappeared, so I checked through trade history and purchases and it showed nothing had been purchased.

I then decided to open a ticket and start the process of trying to get to the bottom of what was going on. The first response was a standard generic reply asking to change account password, nothing about the problem at hand so I decided to follow up the email asking them to look into it further. I waited for 2 weeks and they never got back to me so I decided to open a new ticket and exactly the same thing happened again.

I have now opened 7 tickets and now they have stopped even replying to my emails all together now. While this was all going on my daughter continued to play her game in the hope they would fix the issue eventually, well this was until the other day when the account said she must change her password to continue using the account. I then run into more problems after getting the link to reset the password, it linked me to somebody elses account who I have got no idea who it is and this makes it impossible to change her account password.

Also I have the issue of trying to get my money back, after doing some research I found out if I contact my bank to get a chargeback her account will be permanently locked. I am now at a loss as to what I can do as it seems Roblox are just not interested, I also have a very sad little girl as she is unable to play and has lost all her items.

I think a company as big as Roblox should look after there paying customers better. It seems my only options are to make a new account but I have still lost all my money and my daughter has lost all her progress.

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