Shark Cards – Free Shark cards, Shark cards GTA 5, gta v shark cards

- Free Game Cheats

Shark Cards – Free Shark cards, Shark cards GTA 5, gta v shark cards

Download Shark Cards – Free Shark cards, Shark cards GTA 5, gta v shark cards for FREE
English | Français | Dutch | Deutsch Updated: August 2016– HOW TO GET YOUR SHARK CARD –

  • Step 1: Select your console
  • Step 2: Fill out username or email, depending on console and click “get your shark card now”
  • Step 3: Verify yourself with a survey and DO NOT LEAVE the generator page or you will lose your progress.


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Gta 5 cheatsGTA 5 Money and Free Shark Cards AKA gta 5 money cards are only available here

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Welcome to Free Shark Cards

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No longer do you have to deal with fake sites and fake programs,

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Rockstar is constantly showing

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 keeping up with its

grand theft auto franchise and always trying to keep people

like hackers with mod menus at bay.

GTA Dollars Free Shark Cards GTA 5 shark cards free GTA 5 money cardsHere is where we have an advantage, we have people who

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Spending your hard earned time with idiots online

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But after working at gamestop for a while I came up with this idea.

I QUIT gamestop after I did this of course. I just quit and

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So a lot of people ask me. Where do you find these codes and why do you offer this to us for absolutely FREE? Well I am glad I am psychic and can read minds… This is the process:


Consumer’s wants –

The consumer (You) wants GTA V Shark Cards and I just noticed the want for them. So in return by multiple people filling out our surveys, I am able to provide these cards to you ABSOLUTELY FREE. That is our guarantee. That you are satisfied and receiving the best service when it comes to GTA 5 online shark cards!


The Program –

The Coder (me) has done extensive research in the HTML / CSS fields of data collection and transfer! I have successfully programmed a database to provide a completed survey with the code to any of the multiple offered Shark Cards in GTA 5. I pre-register the cards and upload to the data base. Within this program I am able to have ONE unique IP access only ONE Shark Card a day!

Step 3:

Aftermath –

Once the User (You) accesses the database and receives the Free Shark card I leave it to the honest and upright characteristics of the users to limit themselves to at the very most 1 use per day, if they are caught trying to grab multiple cards then they are put on a black list for spamming our machines! We SEE everything so please don’t be sneaky!

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If you are searching for the Sharks in gta 5 then you have to longer look! You found it! Your ability to enter our domain and receive the access that you have; allows for a “circle of life” of events for the User and the Programmers. If you want something for free then your time is all it takes! Long story short we have your gaming needs right here!

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It is all at no cost to you! The most expensive cars, apartments, boats, and planes can all be yours! It is no longer a game where you have to spend your valuable time grinding out levels and missions just to end up with a small bank roll and a ton of wasted time! Now you can get all the gta cash cards for a slim amount of time in your day! Never get left behind again in the races! With your survey you will recvieve:

  • Exclusive gta cash cards on a daily basis
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Three main factors that really separate us from anyone else is:

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A lot of people come through the site and ask for a lot of things but without reading the content we provide then you will NEVER be able to fully understand what we are all about and whom our target is. The main focus of our mission is to provide a satisfying gaming experience to our consumers! GTA 5 cash cards are an absolute must to a gamer and the community in order to have the best experience in comparison to someone who doesn’t have the amount of credits as you would have and unfortunately that would mean a LAME time in the game!

Experience it all; that is the goal of the total GTA experience. A lot of people are coveted gta online and what that means is that their ultimate goal is to see others FAIL. We had a different idea in mind… why not give the people a great time that anyone can have access too? Who is to say that only a select few should have this opportunity? Be ambitious; grab some free gta 5 online shark cards for you and let your friends know to try it too! What is better than having a great time… then enjoying it with awesome people at the same time?! Exactly… I didn’t think of anything else either. So why are you still reading this and not grabbing a Free gta 5 cash card? Time is one of the most valuable assets in the universe. Some people want to grind out hours upon hours of missions to get baby feet ahead in the game, then there are others who want to find out the secret to getting something a lot quicker and faster… well you have discovered the gold mine!

People want us to fail… they want you to fail too; I say don’t let them have the satisfaction. Grab your Free Shark Cards and start getting known in the community today! Don’t be scammed by Rockstar! They want your real tangible money for their fake credits? I don’t think that is fair; do you? Well if you agree with me then I believe you will agree that spending a sliver of time of your life to fill out some surveys to get your shark cards on gta 5 is a small price to pay, wouldn’t you say?

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Free stuff. That’s what every gamer wants. With our help, you can easily get tons of FREE Grand Theft Auto Online Shark Cards whenever you want! All you have to do is complete a single offer from our advertisers and you will receive a $500,000 Bull Shark Cash Card instantly, If you first share our page with your friends by liking or tweeting it in the top left panel you will receive a $1,250,000 Great White Shark Cash Card instead of a tiger shark card!. The offers never  take longer to complete than a minute and there are offers for every country! This is by far the easiest method to get GTA Online Shark Cards! We have given out over 1500 Shark Cards since our launch and have over 2000 left! So what are you waiting for? Look over our site, and get your cash cards today! *If nothing happens when you click, turn off your ad block and refresh the page*

How does this work, what’s the catch?

There’s absolutely no catch! When you complete one of our offers you immediately get redirected to a page that has your unique  Shark Card codes, you can redeem these on PSN and Xbox live by entering the code you get. The people that you refer to us and the offers you complete covers the cost of the Shark Card codes through our advertisers. If we happen to run out of Gta Shark Cards, you will instead be given an Amazon Gift code redeemable on until we restock on the Cards.  If we are under heavy load it can Sometimes take a few minutes after having completed an offer before the database catches up, if this happens just refresh your browser and click on the offer again, if it shows as complete wait a few minutes and the card will unlock.

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What are GTA Shark Card Codes and what are they used for?

gta shark cards are codes that give you currency in grand theft auto online. Each denomination is called after a different type of shark, hence the name shark cards. You can redeem the free shark cards via the rockstar social club redeem page, after which the amount of money stated on the card is automatically added to your grand theft auto online characters bank account. You can buy all sorts of awesome gear, vehicles, property and even custom license plates with your in game cash. A few examples include: A sweet beach apartment, a luxurious yacht , armored and exotic cars, and soon maybe even your own strip club! Rockstar constantly releases new free DLC for GTA online, which adds new things to buy with your cash. There is a new DLC update about once every 2 months. Every update adds new vehicles and other items, some even add new property’s to buy. Using our free gta shark cards you can enjoy your time gaming instead of grinding missions for cash!

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