‘Symfuhny’ Locked Out Of Warzone Following Potential Hack

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‘Symfuhny’ Locked Out Of Warzone Following Potential Hack

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Uh oh, there’s a kick in the crotch for popular Call of Duty player Mason “Symfuhny” Lanier. The young streamer thinks he’s been kicked out of Warzone and had his account hacked. Symfuhny just wanted to do his usual Warzone stream to his Twitch followers (currently sitting at 2.5 million), but things unfolded in awkward scenes when he couldn’t get into his account. The whole thing was live on his Twitch, which makes for some uncomfortable watching.

In the clip, Symfuhny can be heard saying, “When I log into Activision with my Battlenet, it just wants me to create a new account. It won’t work, my account is completely not there”. While some said Symfuhny should just make a new account, he later explained why he didn’t want to.

Addressing the issue, the former Fortnite favourite added, “Chat, I want to just make a new account and play right now. If I am actually banned, I don’t want to be ‘ban evading’ because that would not help the case, you know what I’m saying”. 


At the time of writing, Symfuhny has created a temporary account to play on. As one of the most prominent CoD players out there right now, it makes sense that he wants to make the most of his massive playerbase and regain his place near the top of the game. Still, it’s unclear whether his account was actually banned or it was a hack.

Symfuhny is an accomplished Warzone player and previously poked fun at accusations he’s “too good”. In April, he joked about the number of times he’s been reported, following claims from others that he’d been using aimbot. Things took another turn in June when he played alongside other NRG players and took out enemies with seeming ease – leading to further rumours he’d been using wallhacks. When it comes to his latest drama, it’s caught the attention of the wider community. 

After Nick “NickMercs” Kolcheff discussed cheaters in Warzone, one person responded, “I know that you are not dumb bro you. What symfuhny is doing they call it baiting but I call it cheating. He locks on to people through walls. Ask yourself Why is he so good at warzone but he got sh***ed on by Non-pro players on cold war Alpha release”. 

Symfuhny’s potential hack comes just days after Activision doubled down on the security of its servers. The Twitterverse exploded with accusations that over 500,000 accounts had been hacked, with it rising at a ridiculous rate of 1,000 accounts every 10 minutes. YouTube personality “oRemyy” was the one that started the story, which was later backed up by other big personalities. It was so bad, oRemyy said it was actually worse than the notorious PlayStation 3 massacre of 2011 when Call of Duty 4  and Modern Warfare 2 were overrun with cheats. 

Activision was quick to downplay the idea of the hack, although there were continued reports something fishy was going on with some people’s accounts. Whether Symfuhny’s potential breach is anything to do with this remains to be seen, but it could just be a nasty coincidence. With Activision yet to comment on what’s going on with Symfuhny, we’ll have to wait and see if it’s a hack, a ban, or a simple mistake.


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