Terminology (League of Legends)

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Terminology (League of Legends)

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There are League of Legends terms that are used in and outside the game, with some terms being used to simplify and facilitate rapid communication. This is a list of these terms and their definitions.

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These terms are mostly used in the English language.


1v1A challenge to a duel.A custom game between two players. Usually done on Howling Abyss icon.png Howling Abyss but occasionally done on Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner’s Rift in mid lane. Could also refer to Showdown.A champion’s capability of winning trades against an enemy champion. Fighters like Jax Jax and Irelia Irelia have good 1v1 capabilities.


AAAuto attackBasic attack, which is nicknamed Auto attack since the champion can repeat without new orders. AASArchangel's Staff Archangel’s Staff. ABAMAll Blind All Mid: a custom game type where players pick champions in Blind Pick to fight only in the middle lane. AceWhen all champions on a team are dead at the same time.To kill the last living champion on the opposing team. ActiveAbilities possessed by champions and certain items that require activating (via clicking and/or hitting a key) to function, as opposed to “passive”. ADAttack damage icon.png Attack damage. ADAMAll Draft All Mid: a custom game type where players pick a champion to only fight in the middle lane. ADCAttack Damage Carry: a champion that deals high amounts of attack damage as the match progresses. Can also refer to the Bottom icon.png bottom role assumed by a Marksman icon.png marksman. AFKAway From Keyboard: a player who is not currently in control of their champion in a match. AgencyHow much control a player have over a situation or how much a player is capable of responding an enemy’s actions. For example, enchanter supports are often said the remove agency from assassins because enchanter supports can deny all possibilities of an assassin from doing their job (to burst squishies) without them being able to do anything back, effectively removing all control the assassin has over the match. AggroThe targeting priority (or enmity) of an A.I. controlled minion, turret, monster, etc. AliAlistar Alistar. AniAnivAnivia Anivia. AoEDeath Lotus.png Area of effect. APAbility power icon.png Ability power. ARAll Random. Used in ARAM and AR URF. ARAMReroll.png All Random All Mid: A matched game type where players randomly pick a champion to play on the Howling Abyss icon.png Howling Abyss. ArPArPenArmor penetration icon.png Armor penetration. ASAttack speed icon.png Attack speed. Assassin A champion type whose forte is rapidly ambushing and slaying enemy champions. They have abilities that may include stealthing themselves or having a strong Dash.png dash skill. AuraA passive ability that usually applies to the champion and those around the champion. Aura platformAura botA champion who is equipped with multiple aura-producing items to assist teammates. Atmog’sA deprecated build that utilized Atma's Impaler Atma’s Impaler and Warmog's Armor Warmog’s Armor. Could also be referred to as Warma’s.


BBack: to retreat in the general direction of your base or away from the enemy.Recall Recall: To return to the base by pressing the “B” key by default. BabysitFor one champion to continually assist another champion in order to assist them in getting more powerful.For a champion (usually jungler) to cover a lane and see to it that the minions don’t push to the friendly tower, while the usual laning champion is temporarily elsewhere. BaitTo feign weakness in order to lure the enemy into a trap. BallThe untargetable mobile object under Orianna's Orianna’s command. BananaSoraka's Soraka’s autoattack which is shaped like a banana. Inspiration for Order of the Banana Soraka Order of the Banana Soraka. BaronBaron Nashor Baron Nashor.Hand of Baron Hand of Baron. (Aka “Baron Buff”) BaseThe walled area where the shop, nexus and inhibitors are situated. BCThe Black Cleaver The Black Cleaver BDBackdoor To attack the enemy’s nexus while most of them are focused elsewhere. Typically this is done by sneaking through the jungle and only becoming revealed to the opposing team as late as possible.To capture a capture point, typically the middle one, which is close to the enemy fountain and surrounded by two other enemy capture points. BEBlue Essence BE Blue Essence BearVolibear VolibearAnnie's Annie’s Summon Tibbers Summon TibbersUdyr's Udyr’s Bear Stance Bear Stance BenchThe swap available champion pool in ARAM.For the TFT meaning, see here. BFBFSB. F. Sword B. F. Sword. BGBad Game. BirdAnivia Anivia.Sometimes refers to the crows from Fiddlesticks' Fiddlesticks’ Dark Wind Dark Wind. BiscuitTotal Biscuit of Everlasting Will Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will BlitzBlitzcrank Blitzcrank. BlueBlue Buff: Crest of Insight Crest of Insight. By extension, can also refer to the Blue Sentinel Blue Sentinel.Glyphs, a removed type of rune. BMBad mannered / bad manners, to perform ludicrous actions meant to taunt an enemy at a disadvantage. Boosted (animal)Describes a lower skilled player that has been undeservingly placed in a higher skill bracket. (Coined by Michael Santana) BoRKBotRKBRKBlade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King. BotBottom lane.The Quarry/Boneyard capture points in Dominated Dominion profileicon.png Dominion.An A.I. controlled champion.When used alongside a mechanic name or ability name or letter, it means a champion that is extremely reliant on that particular mechanic or ability to work in a certain stage of the game. For example, Nidalee Nidalee is often called a heal bot, since her Primal Surge Primal Surge is the ability that defines Nidalee’s late game, with the rest of her kit falling off. See also: Ult bot. Bot gameCo-op vs. AI.A custom game where nearly all of the players are bots. BoxBoxesShaco's Shaco’s Jack in the Box Jack in the Box BRBBe right back. BrokenWhen something within the game is viewed as grossly imbalanced or malfunctioning (a champion, an item, a spell, etc.). BruteforceTo agressively push an objective without regard for enemy counterattack. BTThe Bloodthirster The Bloodthirster. Buff (Abilities) A positive effect applied to a champion.(Patch) An official modification to the game mechanics which makes something more powerful, as opposed to a “nerf”.(Jungle) Red Buff Red Buff or Blue Buff Blue Buff. BugA defect in the mechanics of the game that is not intended.Kha'Zix Kha’Zix.Skarner Skarner.Rek'Sai Rek’Sai. BurstA large amount of damage being dealt in a short time, pertaining particularly to the damage dealt by a single champion. Nuke is also a commonly used term. BVBanshee's Veil Banshee’s Veil.


CaitCaitlyn Caitlyn. CampTo gank the same enemy laner multiple times in a short amount of time. Can be effective at making them fall behind or to tilt them.A jungle monster’s spawn location. CapRabadon's Deathcap Rabadon’s Deathcap.Wooglet's Witchcap Wooglet’s Witchcap.To capture a point in Dominion.A limit which something can not exceed (For instance, attack speed is capped at 2.5 attacks per second). CareTo be careful, implying a possible gank incoming or any other kind of danger. CarryA champion that generally starts off weaker than other champions, but becomes more powerful as the game progresses.The action of being ultimately responsible for winning a game. CassCassiopeia Cassiopeia. CasterA champion whose main source of damage is their abilities. The damage can be either magic or physical damage, and can scale with either Ability power icon.png AP or Attack damage icon.png AD.Caster minion Caster minion. CatNidalee Nidalee.Rengar Rengar.Yuumi Yuumi. CCStun icon.png Crowd control: A category of status effects which limit movement or actions. CDCooldownWaiting for an ability’s cooldown to finish before commencing an action. CDRCooldown reduction icon.png Cooldown reduction. Chain CCTo consecutively use multiple crowd control spells on an enemy champion. ChampA champion; a particular character that the summoner calls on and controls. CharShort for “character”, used to mean champion. CheeseA strategy, often early game oriented, that allows a player to kill or otherwise significantly cripple an enemy (generally during the first two levels), gain a lead, then snowball. Cheeses are often unusual, and can be effective against enemies that do not expect them. However, should those cheese strategies fail, the enemy will be the one at a significant advantage. Also, cheeses often don’t work against prepared enemies, or if the player fails to take advantage of their lead and let the enemy recover. ChoCho'Gath Cho’Gath. Classic The standard MOBA game mode in which players focus on laning, pushing minion waves, and destroying the enemy structures.Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner’s Rift and Twisted Treeline icon.png Twisted Treeline. ClashName of the tournament system used in League of Legends icon.png League of Legends. Clown fiestaA derogatory term used to refer to games, especially from lower elos, where one or both teams have no coordination or proper strategy, and the champion compositions are random and poorly planned.A teamfight where, from the spectator point of view, is difficult to properly understand what exactly happened. Clutch moveTo perform a well-timed action while under pressure. CollapsingWhen allied players converge and overwhelm the enemy team. CommitTo not retreat. To stay in a fight until the battle is over, or until your champion is slain. Counter gankSetting up an ambush in immediate response to an enemy ambush with the intention of negating or thwarting the advantage gained by the enemy’s attack. Counter jungleTo slay the neutral creeps in the enemy’s side of the jungle, depriving the enemy team of buffs, gold and experience. Counter pickTo choose a particular champion during the selection phase in order to oppose a particular enemy champion. CounterplayThings that one can do to counteract or minimize the impact or dominance of a champion, ability, item, or rune. For example, against an ability that is a skillshot, the main counterplay is to dodge it. CounterpushTo neutralize a shove or splitpush. CoverA player request for another teammate to hold the player’s lane while they’re not there. (See “babysit” and “hold.”) CowAlistar Alistar and more specifically Moo Cow Alistar Moo Cow Alistar. CrashA term describing when a game stops working properly and shuts down.A derogatory term referring to the Clash tournament system. CreepThe perception that an amount of something has gradually increased in the game when compared to the past. This could be caused by multiple changes, such as direct buffs to champion potential, nerfs to deterrents, etc. For example, cooldown reduction creep is used to refer to Cooldown reduction icon.png cooldown reduction being more abundant in items and easier to obtain for more champions, compared to the past. CreepsMonsters or minions. CrownRabadon's Deathcrown Rabadon’s Deathcrown.Wooglet's Witchcrown Wooglet’s Witchcrown. CSCreep Score, an adapted DotA term. The amount of creeps killer.The Dominated Dominion profileicon.png Crystal Scar.Zilean's Zilean’s Chronoshift Chronoshift. CustomCustom game: the match mode created by player with the freedom to determine the team size, map, A.I. controlled champion participation and install a password for limited access. CupChalice of Harmony Chalice of Harmony or Athene's Unholy Grail Athene’s Unholy Grail.Another name for a Clash tournament. CupcakeCaitlyn's Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap Yordle Snap Trap.Caitlyn Caitlyn (coined by Vi Vi)Bittersweet Lulu Bittersweet Lulu‘s polymorphed polymorphed victims CVClairvoyance Clairvoyance.


DarDarius Darius. DThe first of two summoner spells the player can allot, bound to D by default. DefDefend: to protect the tower or base without attacking aggressively. DFGDeathfire Grasp Deathfire Grasp. DCDisconnected. Dirt DragonMountain Drake Mountain Drake DebuffA negative effect applied to a champion; the opposite of a buff. DenyDenialTo kill allied minions or pets, preventing the opponent from earning the gold and experience from killing them. While this feature is common in other MOBA games it is intentionally absent from League of Legends and replaced with zoning tactics. DiveTo pursue a specific target into a highly dangerous area, typically beneath an enemy turret. Dodge To disband champion select without mutual consent.A deprecated champion statistic, which determined the possibility to avoid a basic attack.Following the removal of the dodge global stat, it is the status effect granted by Jax's Jax’s Counter Strike Counter Strike. DogDogeNasus Nasus. DomDominion A game mode that differs from the classic MOBA-style gameplay, and focuses on seizing capture points. DongerHeimerdinger Heimerdinger (coined by Michael Santana. DoTBlaze.png Damage over time effect. DotADefense of the Ancients: Allstars: a successful mod created from Warcraft 3. It has inspired similar games such as League of Legends. “Dota” is also used to categorize games of this particular sub-genre within the real-time strategy genre. DPSDamage per second. A measure of how much damage a champion or team can deal each second.A champion who specializes in dealing steady sustained damage. DragDrakeDragon Dragon. Drain effectRavenous Hunter rune.png Drain effect is a conjectural term for various healing effects that are based on damage dealt, but are not Life steal icon.png life steal and Spell vamp icon.png spell vamp. Drain tankDrain tankingThe act of lifestealing (or using spellvamp/other forms of sustain in case of casters) damage done against enemies to tank their damage. Champions which do this are difficult to kill, especially in 1×1 situations, because they heal through all the damage done, and even if they don’t do a lot of damage back, they can win the duel just because the enemy cannot burst them down quickly enough to prevent them from healing back. However, if their sustain is reduced or denied (because they are under CC effects or unable to attack), they can become easy to kill, since they tend to not have or to have less actual tankyness to fall back on. Examples of champions designed to be drain tanks are Aatrox Aatrox, Warwick Warwick, and Olaf Olaf. Dubstep IgniteThe act of casting Ignite Ignite on a very low-health target and proceeding to walk away carelessly. DuelistA champion who excels at combating enemy champions one on one (e.g. Fiora Fiora, Jax Jax). DunkingA flashy or rewarding kill on a champion, described in terms of a slam dunk.To use an aerial leap ability to severely damage or slay an enemy champion. Examples of dunking abilities include Darius' Darius’ Noxian Guillotine Noxian Guillotine, Jarvan IV's Jarvan IV’s Cataclysm Cataclysm and Jayce's Jayce’s To the Skies! To the Skies!.


EThe third champion ability which is bound to the “E” key by default. ECExecutioner's Calling Executioner’s Calling. Effective healthEHPHealth multiplied by the various damage reduction affecting it (normally Armor icon.png armor and Magic resistance icon.png magic resistance), i.e. the damage that the champion needs to receive in order to be killed. EggEggniviaAnivia Anivia during Rebirth Rebirth, officially dubbed by the game’s chat. Elo A mathematical rating system for a player’s relative skill level. Elo hell A perceived Elo level where it is very difficult or frustrating for a player to get out of. ElojobWhen a low-elo player pays a higher-skilled player to boost the low elo’s account to higher elo. This practice is extremely controversial and is generally condemned by players and punished by Riot due to the problems that result from the inappropriate matchmaking. EREssence Reaver Essence Reaver EveEvelynn Evelynn ExecuteAn ability intended to eliminate a champion. Examples include Pyke's Pyke’s Death from Below Death from Below and Jinx's Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket! Super Mega Death Rocket!. ExpxpShorthand for experience points. EzEzreal EzrealEasy


FThe second of two summoner spells the player can allot, bound to “F” by default.Flash Flash. Face checkA champion blindly walking into a brush to see if an enemy champion is hidden in there. This can be a very risky action. Fail flashWhen the player uses their Flash Flash spell in an unintended way, or when they try to escape over a wall but end up at the same side they started. Fall offA term used for when a champion stops getting stronger towards later stages of the game. Those champions are generally strong during the early and/or mid game to compensate, thus have a limited window of time to win the game before being outscaled by the enemy. Example of champions that are considered to fall off late game are Lee Sin Lee Sin, Elise Elise, and Zed Zed. FarmTo seek out and kill creeps to obtain experience and gold. Farm laneWhen, during the lane phase, neither of the opponents are able to kill each other or to effectively push without jungle interference, resulting into a lane phase where they both just farm. FBFirst Blood: the first kill of the game. Fed A champion becoming disproportionately powerful after obtaining multiple kills on enemy champions. Feed To repeatedly die to the enemy team, giving them gold and experience. A player who does this is a feeder. FFRefers to /ff or ‘forfeit’, another term for surrendering. FFS“For fuck’s sake”. An expression of anger or frustration. FidFiddleFSFiddlesticks Fiddlesticks FiestaClown fiestaA game with many mistakes made by both sides. FishFizz FizzNami Nami Flame HorizonHaving 100 minion kills more than a lane opponent. Coined by shoutcasters. FlankTo try to bypass the enemy frontline and go directly to the enemy backline by going from an alternative route, mainly from behind. This strategy is useful for assassins and divers because they don’t have enough durability to survive a barrage of CCs and direct damage. FMFrozen Mallet Frozen Mallet Fratma’sA deprecated build that utilized Atma's Impaler Atma’s Impaler and Frozen Mallet Frozen Mallet. Could also be referred to as Atmallet. Fratmog’sA deprecated build that utilized Atma's Impaler Atma’s Impaler, Frozen Mallet Frozen Mallet and Warmog's Armor Warmog’s Armor all at once. FreezingFarming a lane by only last-hitting minions. This pushes the wave as slowly as possible to prevent an opportunity to be invaded. FogFoWFog of WarThe shadowed areas of the map which are out of the vision range of allied champions, minions and structures. FoNForce of Nature Force of Nature FotMFlavor of the Month: a champion that suddenly becomes very popular among players. This can be for reasons such as their usage at a competitive level, an overtuned buff or the discovery of a bug that is highly beneficial to the champion. FountainThe raised stone platforms located in each team’s base, where champions will respawn after death, regenerate health and mana, and can purchase items. Fourchan4ChanA nickname for Miss Fortune Miss Fortune based on her ability to dominate early-game bottom lane if played right. Namesake from the infamous image board. FPSGraphic Frames Per Second the game renders. FrankyVi Vi FrostmancyA build type that was flexed on most ranged mages where they would go top with Kleptomancy Kleptomancy and Spellthief's Edge Spellthief’s Edge (And upgrade it to the Frostfang Frostfang.). While top, they would completely ignore killing minions for gold, instead opting to rely on the aforementioned Keystone Mastery and their starting item for income. Because of this, they spent time that was otherwise allotted to CSing bullying their lane opponent, disallowing them from farming, or in more extreme cases, preventing them from remotely netting experience. While the Reddit post that brought the playstyle to the general public’s attention was stylized around Kennen Kennen, the most common user of Frostmancy appeared to have been Zilean Zilean. Full damageTo build all offensive items, contrary to generally building some defensive items for survivability. Consequently, these champions tend to do very high amounts of damage, but are very easy to kill. Full tankTo build mostly defensive items, contrary to generally building some offensive items for damage. Consequently, these champions tend to do very little amounts of damage, but are very hard to kill. FWotDWotDFirst WinFirst Win of the Day: a daily mission that rewards the summoner with experience and some Blue Essences BE Blue Essences upon winning a matchmade game.


GAGuardian Angel Guardian Angel GPGangplank Gangplank GankTo ambush unsuspecting enemies. Portmanteau of ‘gang kill’. Gap closerAn ability or spell that shortens the distance between the champion and the enemy. GauntletIceborn Gauntlet Iceborn Gauntlet GGGood Game GG EZGG IZIGood Game, easy win GGMFGun Goddess Miss Fortune Gun Goddess Miss Fortune GhostingIn competitive terms, to gather knowledge from the opponent’s perspective in order to gain an advantage during the match. GJGood Job GLGood Luck GLHFGood Luck; Have Fun Glass cannonA champion/build that is high in damage but lacking defense. This primarily refers to building a champion purely for offense, sacrificing survivability. GlobalAn ability that can strike anywhere on the map (e.g. Gangplank's Gangplank’s Cannon Barrage Cannon Barrage). Golden PoseAny Stasis icon.png stasis effect. Gold per 10GP10Items that generate extra gold over time. Gold generating items are often incorrectly referred to as GP5. Gold funnelingFunnelFunnel strategyA strategy where two champions lane together (and go to the jungle whenever possible), where one takes all farm and gold for itself, while the other will fall behind, and try to build cheaper items with utility to compensate. The one that takes farm is a carry champion such as Master Yi Master Yi, Twitch Twitch, or Graves Graves, whereas the one that does not is an enchanter support or a champion that can be played like one, such as Kayle Kayle, Taric Taric, or Lulu Lulu. It is generally done to increase the possibility for the carry champion to construct and snowball a lead. This strategy was nerfed with the jungle gold changes. GragGragas Gragas Gray screenGrey screenDeath.png Death, in reference to the greyscale overlay that appears on the screen when waiting for respawn. GuttedA champion or item that has been rendered completely unviable to play (or buy in case of items).


Harass Attacking an enemy while they are preoccupied with an action. Hard CCA crowd control effect that disrupts the channeling of abilities. Hard leashTo aid the allied jungler by helping them kill a Monster icon.png monster without the use of Smite Smite. HatFunny HatFunky HatRabadon's Deathcap Rabadon’s Deathcap Heal botRefers to Soraka Soraka contributing nothing but healing. HecHecaHecarim Hecarim HeimHeimerHeimerdinger Heimerdinger HeroThe equivalent term for ‘champion‘ in other MOBA games. Coined from DotA. HexaPentakill II profileicon.png Hexakill – Single-handedly achieving Pentakill Mordekaiser profileicon.pngPentakill Karthus profileicon.pngPentakill Yorick profileicon.pngPentakill Sona profileicon.pngPentakill Olaf profileicon.pngPentakill Kayle profileicon.png six champion kills in short succession, leaving the enemy nexus exposed to shredding. HFHave Fun HoldTo keep the lane from pushing into allied defenses. Primarily done by junglers while the laner is away. HookAbility which prevents movement and brings an enemy towards the champion’s position. Examples include Thresh's Thresh’s Death Sentence Death Sentence or Blitzcrank's Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab Rocket Grab HorseHecarim Hecarim HourglassZhonyaZhonya's Hourglass Zhonya’s Hourglass HP Health, also known as “Hit Points” HP5 Health Regeneration per 5 seconds HybridA champion with significant ability scalings from both AD and AP.A build that includes both AD and AP.A champion that does significant amounts of both physical and magic damage. HypercarryA champion that has an extremely weak early or mid-game, but scales extremely well late game to the point of being nearly unstoppable if well fed and farmed. This term often describes ADCs that are often highly dependent on auto-attacking (i.e. Tristana Tristana, Kog'Maw Kog’Maw, and Vayne Vayne) and can be used to describe other champions as well in a lesser extent (i.e. Karthus Karthus, Jax Jax, Azir Azir).


IEInfinity Edge Infinity Edge IBGIcebornIceborn Gauntlet Iceborn Gauntlet InhibShort for Inhibitor InitiateA champion performing an action which signals allied champions to begin the battle. The initiator may act as bait and take heavy damage from the enemy in order to protect their allies from taking major damage. InnateA champion’s passive ability separate from their four main abilities, shorten to P or I. InsecA type of play where a champion tries to position behind an enemy, then knockback them in the direction of the allied team. This makes them a vulnerable target. During the early game, it can be an effective gank setup, and at late game, it can be a game changing move. Popularized by a pro player named “inSec”, which used to do this with Lee Sin Lee Sin (by wardjumping behind an enemy, then using Dragon's Rage Dragon’s Rage to knockback them in the direction of an ally). Despite this, it is possible to insec with other champions too. The second most popular example is Azir Azir, which can use Conquering Sands Conquering Sands and Shifting Sands Shifting Sands to reposition himself behind an enemy, then use Emperor's Divide Emperor’s Divide to knockback them in the direction of allies. Other champions which can potentially insec include Tristana Tristana, Poppy Poppy, Shyvana Shyvana, and Janna Janna. InstagibInstakillInstant giblets or Instant kill: when a full health or nearly full health champion/monster takes lethal damage within such a short time that they essentially died instantly, with no chance to react. InstalockInstalockingInstant lock: to quickly select and lock-in a particular champion (or a random one) to prevent someone else from getting them, usually without previous warning to the rest of the team. This is often perceived as poor sportsmanship. IntShort for “Intentional feeding”. InvadeTo go into the enemy’s territory, particularly their jungle. IreIrieIrelia Irelia


J4JarJarvJarvan IV Jarvan IV JackJitBShaco's Shaco’s Jack in the Box Jack in the Box JayJayce Jayce JgJungle. JoJJournal of Justice JuggernautA term coined by Riot, used to describe fighters that are extremely durable, but are lacking in mobility. They tend to be difficult to duel, but at same time easy to kite and inflict CC. Examples of juggernauts are Darius Darius and Garen Garen. JukeThe act of feinting an enemy into the wrong direction, usually done by breaking line of sight. JunglingTo kill monsters in the jungle.


KarKarthKarthus Karthus KassKassadin Kassadin KatKatarina Katarina KayKayle KayleKayn Kayn KanyeA gross misspelling of Kayn Kayn. KenKennen Kennen KhaK6Kha'Zix Kha’Zix Kill laneA combination of the bottom lane selected for the specific purpose of slaying the opposing two champions during the laning phase. KitA champion’s set of abilities. KiteKitingMaintaining safe distance from a pursuing target. Ranged role.png Ranged champions can leverage the advantage to keep attacking. KogKog'Maw Kog’Maw KSKill steal: A kill assistant taking kill credit. KYS“Kill yourself”.


LagSlow response during the match due to high network connection latency.Some players also refer to the slowdown due to an insufficient computer system as lag.Lag specifically refers to the time between when information is sent and when it is received. This can be caused by a network latency, in which data is delayed between a user’s computer and the game server, or by a slow computer. Lag most often manifests as “outbound lag”, or delay between when a command is given and when it is performed. Lag can also manifest as “inbound lag”, or a delay between when an event is registered on the server and when it is displayed on a user’s computer. This causes “jumping”, or the appearance that a champion’s position, health, mana, etc. has suddenly changed. Lag SpikeA sudden and often momentary period of severe lag. LanerThe champion or player who occupies a certain lane during the early game. Lane bullyA champion designed to win the lane phase against other champions. They try to constantly harass the enemy laner and deny them farm, making them fall behind. Most lane bullies fall off late game in order to compensate for their early game strength. Lane swapA strategy of laners switching lanes to compensate a disadvantage. This strategy used to be very common in competitive games (and very rare otherwise) because it can allow teams to counter some Top icon.png top laners which cannot effectively lane against the power of a Bottom icon.png bottom laner and Support icon.png support. Recent changes make this strategy very risky, the bot lane has less durable towers, and first tower gold is highly contested. LaningRemaining in lane to push or farm. Laning phaseA stage in the match where players are farming for their first items, ends when one or two towers are destroyed and laners start rotating to other lanes. LanternThresh's Thresh’s Dark Passage Dark Passage LaserLux's Lux’s Final Spark Final SparkThe Nexus Obelisk‘s basic attack. Last hitGetting the killing blow on a minion, creep, or enemy champion. LBLeBlanc LeBlancLich Bane Lich Bane LeashA tactic where an assistant draws monster aggro, or attacks with the Jungle icon.png jungler. LeaveLeaverExiting the match before the game is finished, whether voluntarily or not. This is regulated by the Leaver Buster system. LSLee Sin Lee SinLife steal icon.png Life steal LeechStaying within range of enemy units to gain experience points without directly assisting teammates. LeoLeona Leona LissLissandra Lissandra LockdownApplying crowd control to the point a champion cannot perform a certain action. LockoutA state in which a champion is unable to perform certain actions. Associated tip: Lockout icon.png Lockout. LoLLeague of Legends, the title of the game itself. lol“Laughing out loud”. LOMLow On Mana – See also Out of Mana LWLast Whisper Last Whisper


MainA player’s best or favorite champion to use.A player’s best or favorite role. MalMalphite Malphite, Malzahar Malzahar MalpMalphMalphite Malphite MalzMalzahar Malzahar ManBearPigManBearPheonixManBearTiger and combinations thereofUdyr Udyr Man dropPantheon Pantheon‘s Grand Starfall Grand Starfall MaoMaokai Maokai Map awarenessTo be conscious of the events occurring around the map. To increase Map awareness, there are abilities and items (e.g. wards and jungle plants) which reveal the Sight icon.png fog of war at strategic areas. Map controlTo have vision and influence over areas around the map. Ways to increase Map control include placing wards and destroying enemy towers. Map objectiveA valuable mob or structure whose acquisition goes towards winning the match. These tasks include getting the blue and red buffs, slaying the Dragon and Baron, destroying towers and inhibitors, etc. MeleeMelee champion.Melee minion Melee minion. MermaidNami Nami MetaMetagameThe game’s current effective play style, consisting of aspects such as lane setup, jungling, and team composition. MetagolemAn incredibly strict build that can be flexed on a certain type of, or in more extreme cases, every champion, that dictates the meta by being unbelievably overpowered. The term is a portmanteau of the words “metagame” and “golem”.A now archaic metagolem that consisted of Warmog's Armor Warmog’s Armor, Atma's Impaler Atma’s Impaler, Frozen Mallet Frozen Mallet, Trinity Force Trinity Force, and Mercury's Treads Mercury’s Treads.To a lesser extend this term also applies to a trend in early 2016 for many champions that were supposed to build squishy, to build tanky. This is because back then, items like Sunfire Cape Sunfire Cape, Iceborn Gauntlet Iceborn Gauntlet, and Titanic Hydra Titanic Hydra, as well as the 20?cb=20200309182717 - Free Game Cheats Grasp of the Undying mastery, used to be overpowered. They allowed almost any champion to work with a tanky build because those items provided artificial sources of damage, with Grasp of the Undying providing health-scaling sustain and high base damage as well. A lot of champions that were otherwise supposed to build glass cannon started to build tanky. The most popular examples include Master Yi Master Yi, Fiora Fiora, Ekko Ekko, Fizz Fizz, and even Akali Akali. Most of those champions had their base damages nerfed to encourage them to build glass cannon, and the aforementioned items were also nerfed to make them more expensive or do less damage, discouraging their purchase on non-tanky champions. MFMiss Fortune Miss Fortune MidMiddle icon.png MidThe Refinery/Drill capture points in Dominated Dominion profileicon.png Dominion. Mid topAt the beginning of Dominion, a player declares to capture the nearest middle capture point then rushes up to top. MMMarksman icon.png Marksman: a champion that deals high amounts of attack damage as the match progresses, sacrificing it’s defensive power and utility. An official term substitutes “ADC” (attack damage carry). MOBAMultiplayer Online Battle Arena: a genre of games which brings many of the RPG (Role Playing Game) and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) elements together. Mobi (boots)Boots of Mobility Boots of Mobility MonkeyMonkeyKingWukong Wukong MordeMordekaiser Mordekaiser MorgMorgana Morgana MP5Mana regeneration icon.png Mana regeneration per 5 seconds MPenMagic penetration icon.png Magic penetration MRMResMagic resistance icon.png Magic resistance MSMovement speed icon.png Movement speed MundoDr. Mundo Dr. Mundo, who isn’t actually a doctor, so he is called Mundo. MummyMumuAmumu Amumu Murder bridgeAnother name for the Howling Abyss icon.png Howling Abyss map. (At the start of the match, the announcer will occasionally refer to the ‘Murder Bridge’ rather than ‘Howling Abyss’.)Previously, the custom game version of the Proving Grounds map, before it was replaced by Howling Abyss.


N1Nice One NautNautiNautilus Nautilus NerfAn official modification to the game mechanics which makes something less powerful, as opposed to a “buff”. Coined from EverQuest forums describing patches reducing effects to the power of nerf weapons. NJNice Job NocNoctNocturne Nocturne NidNidaNidalee Nidalee NukeAny ability that deals huge amounts of damage, such as Javelin Toss Javelin Toss or Requiem Requiem. Burst does not mean the same because most characters’ burst combos consist of multiple abilities.


OCOriginal content OccultSword of the Occult Sword of the Occult OEOrange Essence Orange Essence Orange Essence Off tankA champion that has some attributes of a Tank (ability to soak damage, initiation ability, CC, etc.), but lacks in one or more areas. Off metaA champion being used in a completely different way from what is considered meta for them. For example, it can refer to going with a different lane than intended (e.g. jungle Brand Brand, support Jarvan IV Jarvan IV) or a different build (e.g. AD Ahri Ahri, AP Tristana Tristana).Sometimes the champions themselves may be considered off-meta if they are uncommon enough, even if they are played as intended. Examples include Volibear Volibear.Unusual strategies that are very rarely seen on most games. For example, going dual top instead of going with one top and one jungler, or playing a melee champion as your ADC. OMWOn My Way One point wonderAn ability that has very little change in level scaling, so it is almost full power at rank 1. One-TrickOne-Trick PonyOTPA player who can play only one champion effectively. OOMOut Of Mana – See also Low On Mana OPOverpowered Open midAfter falling behind early, a team may allow the enemy team to push down mid lane for an early victory. OracleOracle’sOracle's Extract Oracle’s Extract or Looted Oracle's Extract Looted Oracle’s Extract, used to detect invisibility. OrangeGangplank's Gangplank’s Remove Scurvy Remove Scurvy OriOrianna Orianna OTWOn The Way OverextendingA champion moving too far in lane/enemy territory, which can open them up to sudden engages. OverloadedA champion which has too many tools or their kit, allowing them to do many different things at once; either because their abilities have an excessive amount of effects, or because their abilities are just too versatile. Champions like this can be considered difficult to balance due to that reason, as simple numbers changes are usually not enough to bring them in line with other champions.This can also be applied to items; if an item is too versatile (either due to having many different stats, or effects, or both), it can be considered overloaded. OverkillThe act of dealing (substantially) more damage to an enemy than is needed to kill him off. OvertunedA champion which has overbearingly high numbers on their abilities (base damage, scalings, range, missile speed, etc) or their stats (base HP, HP per level, base AD, etc).An item can also be considered overtuned if its stats or the numbers on their passive or active effects are too high.


PantPanthPantheon Pantheon PassBattle PassEvent passes that links with event tokens and exclusive prizes. PathPathingThe route that will be taken towards a destination. PBEPublic Beta Environment, a testing realm for upcoming content. PDPhantom Dancer Phantom Dancer PeelingTo use Stun icon.png crowd control abilities to stop enemy champions from attacking an allied champion. PentaPentakill profileicon.png Pentakill – Single-handedly achieving Pentakill Mordekaiser profileicon.pngPentakill Karthus profileicon.pngPentakill Yorick profileicon.pngPentakill Sona profileicon.pngPentakill Olaf profileicon.png five champion kills in short succession, leaving the enemy nexus exposed to shredding. PFEPulsefire Ezreal Pulsefire Ezreal PhiloPhilosopher's Stone Philosopher’s Stone PinkThe removed Vision Ward Vision Ward colored pink, which is succeeded by Control Ward Control Ward. Control Wards are sometimes still referred to as pink wards. PoacherPoacher's Dirk Poacher’s DirkPoacher's Knife Poacher’s Knife PokeA form of harass which uses long ranged attacks to cause small to moderate damage in order to weaken an enemy, while keeping a safe position. PonyHecarim Hecarim, generally used in a derogatory manner. PositionPositioningA champion’s location during a fight. Good positioning is determined by the player knowing the optimal location their champion should be at. PotPotion(s), usually Health Potion Health Potion. PremadeMultiple players, who know each other, forming a team together before entering the champion selection phase. ProAn act of calling someone that is very talented when playing, short for professional. ProcThe activation of an effect. See also Wit's End item.png Proc damage. ProjectileThe visual particle representing certain basic attacks and abilities. They can be blocked by Yasuo's Yasuo’s Wind Wall Wind Wall, intercepted by Braum's Braum’s Unbreakable Unbreakable, and dodged by untargetable abilities like Fizz Fizz‘s Playful Playful/Trickster Trickster, even if they are point-click (and thus would otherwise always hit the target). ProxyA high-risk, high-reward strategy (generally done at the top or bottom lanes due the length of the lanes) that involves farming enemy minions between the enemy turrets to prevent the opposing laner from effectively pushing or farming. PubstompWhen an organized team of good players thoroughly defeat random public players in a match. PullA tactic used to draw monster aggro, benefiting the jungler. Same as leash.An ability that brings the enemy closer to you (e.g. Blitzcrank's Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab Rocket Grab). PurplePurple team: The group of players that start out at the upper-right side of the map, once called Team Chaos.Hand of Baron Hand of Baron. (Aka “Baron Buff” or “Purple Buff”) PushTo continue advancing forward in a lane, clearing it of minions and towers. PvPPlayer versus Player: game modes that do not include bot-controlled champions.


QThe first champion ability which is bound to the “Q” key by default. QQDepicts a pair of crying eyes, implying that the other player is complaining. QSSQuicksilver Sash Quicksilver Sash Quadra killSlaying four enemy champions within a certain length of time. QuintQuintessence, the removed most expensive/powerful type of rune.


RThe fourth champion ability (usually the ultimate) which is bound to the “R” key by default. RageTo display in-game frustration. RagequitAn incident where a player quits (leaves) the game due to in-game frustrations. RakaSoraka SorakaRakan Rakan RamboDiving into a fight alone, usually a suicidal tactic. RatTwitch Twitch RazorsBloodrazor Bloodrazor, Stormrazor Stormrazor RdyReady ReShort for reappear, meaning an enemy champion is no longer MIA.Used once someone is no longer AFK. RecommendedA category of champions whose controlling difficulty is relatively low and suitable to new League of Legends players.The recommended items listed in the shop for shortcut purchase. Player can edit their recommended items manually. RedCrest of Cinders Crest of Cinders. Also known as “red buff.” By extension, can refer to the Red Brambleback Red Brambleback.Marks, a removed type of rune. Red wardControl Ward Control Ward RenReneRenekRenekton Renekton RenRengoRengar Rengar RepReport: An action after each match to report a player to official for inappropriate behavior such as verbal abuse or intentionally feeding the opponent. ReqRequestRequireKarthus' Karthus’ Requiem Requiem RevolverHextech Revolver Hextech Revolver RinaNickname for Katarina Katarina Riot The development company that created League of Legends. RitoAn intended misspell of Riot Games, the company that develops League of Legends. This word is usually used semi-ironically when players spot humorously blatant problems in the game, which they typically respond with ‘Rito pls’. RNGRandom number generation, game mechanics that utilize randomness. See RNG in WoW. RoARod of Ages Rod of Ages RoamMovement by a laning champion away from their lane to a different area of the map to gank or otherwise apply map pressure. ROFLRolling on the floor laughing. RPRiot Points RP Riot Points RQRagequit Run it down midRun it downA phrase coined by streamer Tyler1 meaning to feed the opposing mid lane player by repeatedly running past their mid turret RylaiRylai’sRylai's Crystal Scepter Rylai’s Crystal Scepter


SarahNickname for Miss Fortune Miss Fortune. SatanA derogatory nickname for Teemo Teemo. ScalingHow well a champion’s efficiency increases as the game continues and as they gain levels and items. Champions that scale well are normally called carries. ScrimScrimmage: two teams competing against each other for fun in a non-tournament game. ScrubAn insult indicating that the player has a low skill level for the game. Secret/Sleeper OPA champion which is potentially powerful enough to become meta, but is still unpopular and most people don’t realize how strong that champion is. SejSejuSejuani Sejuani Shop The location where items are bought.To return to the base and buy items. Interchangeable with “b” or “brb”. ShroomTeemo's Teemo’s Noxious Trap Noxious Trap Shotgun KneesUrgot's Urgot’s Echoing Flames Echoing Flames, sometimes used in a tongue-in-cheek manner. ShyvShyvana Shyvana Single targetA targeting characteristic describing attacks or spells that affect only one target. Single-targeting is often used in Projectile.png projectile-based effects. SivSivir Sivir SkarSkarner Skarner Small indie companyA derogatory term used to mock Riot for things such as small but useful features that have yet to be implemented, weird bugs, things that are supposedly easy to fix or need a urgent fix, or for poor/controversial decisions. Coined from the fact that Riot used to actually be a small indie company. SmurfA secondary account of lower level or rank than a player’s primary account. Coined from Schlongor’s second account “PapaSmurf”. SnakeCassiopeia Cassiopeia SnareA debuff which prevents a champion from moving. Can also be referred to as a Root icon.png root or an ‘immobilize’. Snowball Situation that occurs when a champion or team gains an advantage that allows them to progressively grow stronger.Mark / Dash Mark / Dash Snowball item An item that grows in power as you gain kills/assists, e.g. Mejai's Soulstealer Mejai’s Soulstealer. Soft CCA Stun icon.png crowd control effect that still allows you to move freely and does not interrupt ability channels. Soft leashTo draw the aggro of a monster briefly before moving away. SoloA champion (usually the top and mid laners) that guards an entire lane on their own. SoraSoraka Soraka SotOSword of the Occult Sword of the Occult Space AIDSMalzahar's Malzahar’s Malefic Visions Malefic Visions. SpellSummoner spell: The battle abilities which are not provided by the champion, but rather designated by the summoner to their champion before entering the match. Split pushTo continuously advance in one lane while teammates are focused elsewhere. SquishyA champion that can be killed easily due to low base health/defenses. SRSummoner's Rift icon.png Summoner’s Rift SSEnemy champion missing, shortened form of “miss”. “SS” (along with “miss”) is more common than “MIA” on the European servers. Stat checkStat checkingA champion that wins trades just because it has superior stats, instead of because it outplayed the enemy or because it used a certain combo. Any champion can potentially be a stat check, but some champions are considered stat checks because due to how their kit works, they rely mostly or exclusively on stat checking to deal with enemy champions.A champion can be a stat check because it simply has better stats (ex: having more max HP than the enemy), because it has a lot of a stat that directly counter the enemy (ex: having a lot of armor against an enemy that does fully physical damage), because it can heal more than the enemy can damage, or because it can reduce the stats of an enemy (ex: reducing the enemy’s attack speed). Stat stickAn item which either does not have an unique passive or active, or has one that is very weak. In either case, the item is considered useful mostly for its stats; indeed, most items which are considered to be stat sticks tend to have superior stats compared to items which have useful passives and/or actives. An example is old Phantom Dancer Phantom Dancer, which did not had a 12% damage reduction passive, and was useful mostly because it used to offer 50% attack speed and 35% critical strike chance, which was superior to old Statikk Shiv Statikk Shiv‘s 40% attack speed and 20% critical strike chance, allowing Phantom Dancer to compete with Statikk even though the latter had a lighting passive that did burst damage and waveclear. Phantom Dancer was even stacked, because the stats were just that high. SteroidA temporary, self applied, straight-forward ability that increases one’s performance without tangentially altering it.More specifically: an ability that provides an increase to a champion’s base stats, or the part of the ability that does so. StonewallWhen a champion is effectively able to turn the lane into a farm lane, denying all kill pressure from the enemy and countering their pushing potential, even if they would otherwise have both. They do this without having kill presusre themselves. StoreRiot Store: the ‘shop’ accessible in the client interface where player can purchase Riot Points RP Riot Points, champions, skins, Rune pages, Experience Boosts, etc. The term ‘shop’ dominantly refers to the Shop in the Field of Justice where the actual match is played. StronkA typo of the word “strong,” mostly used sarcastically due to being a misspelling. StunlockA phrase used to express being continually hit with hard crowd control, thus being unable to not do anything. SuperSuper minion: a stronger minion that is spawned by destroying an enemy inhibitor in classic game mode. Super Hard CCHard crowd control that is also capable of abruptly canceling the enemy champion’s dash rather than it finishing mid-stun. Hard crowd control includes but is not limited to Veigar's Veigar’s Event Horizon Event Horizon, knockbacks, and all knockups. Super SoakerHextech GLP-800, often used along with Glacial Augment rune. SusanNasus' Nasus’ name spelled backwards, often as a derogatory term for most Nasus Nasus players. SustainSustainabilityA champion’s capacity for staying in a lane or jungle without having to go back to the base. Sustained damageA large amount of damage that is done over a long period of time. Essentially the opposite of burst. Despite the name, sustained damage does not always come with actual sustain (but most of time, will do). Sustained damage is considered to be better to deal with tanky targets, while burst is more effective against squishy targets. SVSpirit Visage Spirit Visage SynergyHow well two or more champions/players work together.An item that benefits a particular champion without wasted stat boosts or inefficient abilities. (“Synergy” sections were removed from the item pages due to the definition being fairly subjective and cumbersome.)


TankinessThe quality of being able to take high amounts of damage, primarily through items that give defensive stats. TankingTo take high amounts of damage. Usually refers to damage being done to tanks and fighters, who have the durability to survive such damage. Tanky DPSAn alternative term for a “Fighter” type champion. Though the term can be used to describe any champion that has obtained high survivability and damage through levels and items. Team compTeam composition: A specific champion set-up for a team in which they work together to achieve an overall strategy. Examples include Poke comp, Heal comp, Push comp, AoE comp, CC comp, etc. TeamfightWhen multiple champions, from each opposing side, gather in one area to battle. TeetoNickname for Teemo Teemo made popular by PhantomL0rd with this video TFTwisted Fate Twisted FateTrinity Force Trinity ForceTeamfight, when multiple champions, from each opposing side, gather in one area to battle. TFTShort name for Teamfight Tactics game mode. Thunderlord’sThunderlord’s DecreeTLD20?cb=20151103094742 - Free Game Cheats Thunderlord’s Decree TiltMental frustration that negatively affects a player’s ability to make level-headed decisions during a match. For further reading, see Tilt Type and the Wikipedia article on the concept of Tilt (poker). TowerA commonly used alternative term for the turret. Tower huggingTo stay near the tower to deter enemy champions from attacking them. ToxicUsed to describe a person whose attitude negatively influences the game. TPTeleport TeleportTwisted Fate's Twisted Fate’s Gate Gate TradeTradingTrade champions: to switch champions with another player during the champion selection for Draft or Ranked games after all players of both teams have finished selecting champions.Trade damage: when players from each side deal equivalent injury to each other during a confrontation.Trade kills: when players from each side suffer an equivalent number of deaths after a confrontation. TreeMaokai Maokai Tri-brushA particular “Y” shaped brush that covers three directions, such as those located on Summoner's Rift icon.png Summoner’s Rift near the top exit of the jungle of the purple team’s side of the map and near the bottom exit of jungle of the blue team’s side. TrinityTriforceTrinity Force Trinity Force TrisTristTristana Tristana TrollA person who causes acts of disruption to other players and to the community. These acts may include writing offensive messages or intentionally feeding the enemy. Trolls are also referred to as griefers. See Troll on Wikipedia for more information.Mythical beings originating from the Norse mythology. In League of Legends, Trundle Trundle belongs to this race. Troll poleFizz's Fizz’s Playful Playful, which is tormenting to enemies attempting to eliminate him. Troll poolVladimir's Vladimir’s Sanguine Pool Sanguine Pool, which is tormenting to enemies attempting to eliminate him. TTTwisted Treeline icon.png Twisted Treeline TrynTryndTryndaTryndamere Tryndamere TurtleTurtlingA defensive strategy that involves protecting turrets, playing safe, and avoid dying as much as possible until late game comes. It is often used alongside champions with high waveclear potential and hypercarry champions.


UltUltiUltimate abilityTo tell a player to use their champion’s ultimate ability. Ult botA champion whose ult is very powerful or a lot more impactful compared to the rest of their kit. Sometimes those champions have the rest of their kits or their base stats nerfed to compensate, but are still worth picking due to their ultimate alone. Examples of champions which are or were considered ult bots are Miss Fortune Miss Fortune, Malzahar Malzahar, Malphite Malphite, and Shen Shen. UniqueAn aura or ability that does not stack, common to item effects. UPUnderpowered URFThe Thinking Manatee profileicon.png Ultra Rapid FireUrf Urf, the Manatee. Referring to the day innocent as celebracón UtilitySpells or abilities that have a quality of being beneficial for the team. Controller icon.png support champions are known to have a lot of utility.


VarVarus Varus VelVel'Koz Vel’Koz Vision hackAn ability which allows a player to see through the Sight icon.png fog of war, such as Twisted Fate's Twisted Fate’s Destiny Destiny. VeigVeigar Veigar VentVentrilo: a third party voice chat software. Vertical JunglingA style of jungling mainly seen in higher elo and competitive play where the de facto jungle border between both teams’ jungles is the middle lane rather than the river. Instead of the red side owning the first & second quadrants with the blue side owning the third & fourth, one team will own the first & fourth quadrants as well as the southeast (Dragon) river, and the other will own the second & third quadrants plus the northwest (Baron) river. VikViktor Viktor VladVladimir Vladimir VoliVolibear Volibear


WThe second champion ability which is bound to the “W” key by default. Ward hopUsing a dash ability (e.g. Lee Sin's Lee Sin’s Safeguard Safeguard and Jax's Jax’s Leap Strike Leap Strike) to target a ward. This is useful for escaping enemy attacks or intercepting an enemy that has used walls to juke away. Ward baitTo place down a ward in order to set up an ambush. When an enemy champion attempts to destroy the ward, usually due to having an Oracle Oracle, the player initiates their surprise attack. Warma’sA deprecated build that utilized Atma's Impaler Atma’s Impaler and Warmog's Armor Warmog’s Armor. Could also be referred to as Atmogs. Wet Noodle FightDescribes a fight between two champions that are building very little damage – usually tanks. This often takes place in the top lane during competitive play. Win ButtonA term generally used tongue-in-cheek or in frustration to express that a champion may only need to use what is usually only their ultimate ability to win a fight. WinionsMinions, especially when they overwhelm objectives such as towers or the nexus. Also, when they contribute to a lot of damage against a champion. Wombo comboWhen teammates effectively and consecutively chain together their abilities on enemy champions. Coined from a Smash Brothers Melee match. WotAWill of the Ancients Will of the Ancients WPWell Played WuWukWukong Wukong WWWarwick Warwick


XinXZXin Zhao Xin Zhao


YasYasouYSYasuo Yasuo YellowSeals, a removed type of rune. YiMaster Yi Master Yi YorYorick Yorick


ZekeZeke’sZeke's Convergence Zeke’s Convergence Zerg RushBuilding up smaller units into a giant wave to rush an enemy. Can be achievable by withholding minions, Zz'Rot Portal Zz’Rot Portal, and playing Yorick Yorick. Coined from Starcraft. ZilZilean Zilean ZoneZoningTactics used to prevent enemy champion(s) from gaining gold/experience.
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