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Physical aimbot for Osu!. Eventually to be used for FPS games such as Valorant. This bot does not interact with the game’s files at all, and instead uses only a visual input, currently a screengrab, to detect targets and click them in time

Void EULA of any title at your own risk

Computer setup

###This is designed for linux 3.x+, tested on Ubuntu 18.04 Enable I2C connections on the Pi in the config:

sudo raspi-config

Install this repo:

git clone

Install all dependent packages:

python3 -m pip install –upgrade pip python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

###***NOTE: Do not proceed without reading the prompts when running the program Run the main program from this directory:

python3 -m aimi

How to Load Arduino Micro for Keyboard and Mouse Simulation

An Arduino to be used with this project needs to be flashed only once, after that every time the Arduino receives power it will run that same code.

*Note: Arduino used as a KBM must have the ATMega32u4 chip for native USB support

  1. Install the arduino IDE on the Raspberry Pi:

sudo apt-get install arduino

  1. Detect which port the Arduino is on, if you are unsure which is the Arduino, run this command with and without it plugged in to the Pi, and whatever one shows up when you plug it in, that’s it. It should be either USBn or ACMn.

ls /dev/tty*

  1. Compile and upload the .ino file, replacing USB0 here with the port detected in the previous step

arduino –verify –upload –board arduino:avr:micro:atmega32u4 –port /dev/tty/USB0 ./arduinoKBM/arduinoKBM.ino

*Note: –board argument should correspond with the board you are using (Leonardo, Micro, etc.). For more information visit here

If you receive an error along the lines of permission denied: /dev/tty/USBn or /dev/tty/ACMn run

sudo adduser [your_username] dialout

If that fails as well, add your user to the group through this line instead:

sudo usermod -a -G dialout [your_username]
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