The #1 League of Legends ‘Smurfs’ Botting Guide

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The #1 League of Legends ‘Smurfs’ Botting Guide

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Introduction on ‘how to bot League of Legends smurfs’

Welcome to my guide on how to start botting on League of Legends. Always wanted to learn how to bot League of Legends smurfs? You’re at the right place! Never even heard of Legends before and no experience with botting? Don’t worry! Botting League of Legends doesn’t require any ingame knowledge or botting experience.

I have been botting League for about 2 years now and it’s been a crazy ride. I can still clearly remember how happy I was botting my first level 30 ‘smurf’ account on my crappy buzzing laptop and selling it off to a friend. Not  knowing I would later be selling thousands of them online. It took me a while to get the hang on botting League of legends properly. The LoL botting community isn’t really sharing anything, that’s why it wasn’t how to bot league of legendseasy to gain all the crucial knowledge that’s needed. I have botted many different games and I can conclude that botting Leauge of Legends ‘smurfs’ is relatively easy once u know how to set it up. Doing it on a massive scale is definately a challenge though.

Are you the kind of person that doesn’t give up too quick and is willing to invest some time and effort to start making some very decent profits from the comfort of your own home? This might be something for you, so are you ready? Lets do this!

Why should I bot unranked level 30 accounts?

Why woLeague of Legends botuld you ever bot a ‘smurf’? Well, there is a huge demand for these accounts and selling them online is a very lucrative business. There are many League of Legends botters out there that are easily making over $5000 a month doing this. League of Legends currently has over a 100 million players. The crazy demand for these unranked accounts has different reasons, here are a few examples:

  • People rather buy a new fresh unranked level 30 after messing up their rank. As it can be very time consuming to get back up.
  • People want to learn new champions & roles without having to worry about their rank.
  • Play on another region.
  • Play with lower ranked friends.
  • Avoid bans & time-outs.

The Botting Client

I have tested prety much every reputable League of Legends leveling bot that’s out there and had by far the best results with Fulcrumbot. Fulcrumbot is the #1 leader in account leveling with over 2 years of experience of League of Legends botting. It’s currently the best-selling bot on the market and I highly suggest you guys downloading it if you are planning to start botting accounts.

league of legends botting client

To be able to use Fulcrumbot you have to buy lifetime ‘keys’ for about 9$ each. With each key you can make as many accounts as you want. The more keys you have, the more bots you can run at the same time. So for example: if you have 4 keys, you can run 4 bots max at the same time, each making an unlimited number of accounts. After just selling one lvl 30 account you already made back the initial investment for the key. If your not satisfied with the bot you can get a refund, so its basically the safest invesment ever. Get your keys at Fulcrumbot. Time to get this going!

Requirements for Fulcrumbot

Fulcrumbot has the following requirments:

·         Windows 7microsoft .net framework 4.5.2 for botting league of legends

·         Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2.

·         Obviously you need to have installed League of Legends

Make sure you have these installed. Some people still manage to succesfully bot using Windows 10, but it’s not recommended. Don’t have Windows 7? Don’t worry you can still perfectly but using a ‘virtual machine’ (VM) which is recommended anyways when botting on a larger scale. You will learn more about VM’s later on in the guide.

Configuring Fulcrumbot

Fulcrumbot is by far the most user friendly bot I have ever used in any game. It’s seriously just installing the bot (and the requirements ofcourse) enter your key, region, username & password press start and voila the bot starts doing its magic.

Here are a few setting you can play around with:

‘stop after x hours’ = amount of time botting before the break kicks in.  ‘resume after x hours’ = amount of time the bot will break  ‘hide League of Legends’ = hides the LoL Client (saves tons of resources)  ‘max Performance’ = lowers overall resources used  ‘FulcrumBot as TopMost window’ = forces the bot client window to the front  ‘run Local WebServer’ = not needed, but its nice to play around with  ‘disable FulcrumBot AI’ = only use for Ikita, etc.

I personally bot pretty much 24/7 and I’m using fulcrumbot for botting league of legendsthe ‘resume after x hours’  & ‘max Performance’ options for more efficiency. If you encounter any issues make sure to head over to the Fulcrumbot support page or join the Fulcrumbot Discord server.

Bigger Farm, Bigger Profits

When I started out I only had 1 bot running at the time. Even though I was super happy with it, it didn’t make much profit. I noticed that I could easily sell my finished unranked level 30 accounts online on Ebay, forums & friends. The demand for the smurfs was definately there, so I knew I had to expand for more profit. I invested in 10 ‘keys’ to be able to run 10 bots at the same time. When botting more than 5 accounts it’s very important that you start using Virtual Machines (VM) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Nothing hurts more than seeing your whole farm getting banned, so trust me use VM’s & VPN’s or VPS if you want to do this properly on a large scale for bigger profits. Learn more about VM’s, VPN’s & VPS below.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN allows you to connect to the internet via a server run by a VPN provider. All data traveling between your computer and this “VPN server” is securely encrypted. It allows you to bot anonymously and use different IP addresses.

If you have more than 5 bots VPN for botting League of Legendsrunning on the same IP address, the chances of getting the bots banned increases drastically. That’s why you use a different IP address for each group of 5 bots. Using a VPN enables you to do this and is a must when botting League of Legends. The use of a VPN also keeps your main account nice and safe.

Make sure to use VPN’s with a kill switch and high connection speed. A kill switch will terminate your connection and continue to protect your privacy if the VPN server itself gets disconnected. This is very helpful if you don’t want your local IP to be leaked and your bots banned if the VPN connection drops. The VPN’s listed below are all included with a kill switch and perfect connection speed.

When picking a VPN you should stay away from free VPN services as there is a high chance of other botters using them aswell and the IP adresses being blacklisted by Riot Games. Using these free VPN’s will get you banned very fast. Buying and using a VPN is very easy and straight forward. I highly suggest you using the following VPN providers as they are perfect for botting League of Legends:


PureVPN for League of Legends botting


NordVPN for botting lol


These VPN’s are btw also very usefull for illegal downloading/uploading, breaking out of restrictive networks (school/work), avoid tracebacks, access country restricted content & many other reasons.

Virtual Machine (VM)

As was mentioned earlier it’s very important that you don’t bot 5 or more accounts on the same IP address. That’s why you have to seperate groups of 5 accounts and use a different IP address with a VPN. So how do you seperate 5 accounts? You can do this by using Virtual Machines (VM).

A VM is a type of software that allows you to Virtual Machine for Botting League of Legendsrun an operating system within another operating system. Yeah I know this sounds like inception, but it just means that you’re able to run multiple instances of windows on your computer. It’s like having multiple computers within one comuter. Each virtual machine will have 5 bots running using different IP’s with the help of your VPN.

Check this video out on how to install a high performance virtual machine and run Fulcrumbot using it. I highly suggest you using this video when setting up a virtual machine for Fulcrumbot as it requires some steps. After completing all the steps shown in the video all you have to do is buy and run your VPN before you start botting League of Legends. Select a different IP address from your VPN for each virtual machine you are using! Go to  to check what IP address you are using.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Most of us don’t have a PC available with enough power to run 50 bots as seen in the video below. Buying more computers just to be able to run more bots isn’t really the best investment u can make. Also running your bots 24/7 and having your computer(s) work constantly isn’t really efficient, isnt it? It costs recourses, your ruining your CPU and its pressuring your home network. Thats why its way more efficient to buy a Virtual Private Server (VPS). That’s why I highly suggest you guys using a VPS if you are planning to expand your farm for bigger profits.

So what’s a VPS? A VPS enables you to have remote acces to another computer (to bot on ofcourse) that could be anywhere in the world. You can acces this computer simply through your browser. So you can also have acces to your smurf farm if you’re at your job, friends, parents, etc. If you shutdown your own personal computer, the bots will still be running on your VPS. It’s also possible to monitor your VPS on your Phone using TeamViewer.

When I started botting everyone was like ‘you should get a VPS man!’ I Always thought I don’t need that shit. Until I started running my  farm on a VPS, it made life so much easier lol. I really recommend using it when you start expanding your farm. If your just running 1 or 2 bots it wouldnt make a big difference, but if you start running around 5 bots or higher its so much easier to control and monitor them. You cant deny that using Virtual Private Servers is a must when you plan to expand your gold farm. Buying new computers just to be able to run more bots is a way too big investment. It’s a lot cheaper and more efficient to get a VPS to run more bots.

The Virtual Private Servers I personally use are from Virmach. They have many different Virtual Private Servers with different specs that are perfect for running your farm.

Cashing out

Now that you botted  your first level 30 smurfs it’s time to start cashing out! Many people wonder where to sell these smurf accounts for real money. You don’t have to worry though, getting rid of them is super easy as there are many forums out there with League of Legends market sections with plenty of buyers. I’m personally selling loads on Ebay & Amazon. I also sell bulk to websites who resell them. Check the vid below to see yourself that I made like $500 in just 7 days.

 I hope you have an understanding on how to bot League Legends properly now. Good luck and have fun botting!


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