[UNDETECTED] CSGO Aimbot, Hacks and cheats!

d4tQcOk - Free Game Cheats

[UNDETECTED] CSGO Aimbot, Hacks and cheats!

Download [UNDETECTED] CSGO Aimbot, Hacks and cheats! for FREE
d4tQcOk - Free Game Cheats

AimJunkies Premium Cheat – CS:GO


Hey guys!
Bookmark this page to keep up with the latest updates on Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and to also view the latest and upcoming news for our AimJunkies CSGO Premium Cheat. Our cheat has remained undetected for almost a year now, meaning you can be confident and sure that the services we provide are the best in the world, alongside our customer support – why would you go anywhere else? Our product is constantly updating using the safest injection methods on the internet today – just recently a Streaming Mode has been added, so you can effectively stream on Twitch, UStream, Justin TV, Livestream, and other streaming services using programs such as xSplit and OBS. Combined with the use of our legit settings suggestions, be prepared to look like a pro to countless viewers, using wallhacks and ESP that your viewers can’t see!

Release Notes for 3/23/2016
23 MAR 2016

– Fixed a bug where the map overview would move a dead player’s icon to the position of their spectator camera, showing a live player’s position (Thanks jubiii!)
– Added a missing collection tag to Shadow Case.

– This update includes a previously released patch for gameservers to deny setinfo calls for keys that weren’t configured at client connection time.
– Added a convar sv_vote_count_spectator_votes that can be set to zero while enabling sv_vote_allow_spectators to initiate votes without casting an initial YES vote.

– Grenades will no longer fall between cracks in Bombsite B
– Added backface to door in upper park (Thanks Guardian!)
– More accurate collision model on tree and rocks used in upper park
– Updated loading screen image

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Counter Strike Global Offensive WildFire Operations Update!

New CSGO Skins! WildFire Operation Skins! New WildFire Cases!

— M** | Impire

— USP-S | Lead Conduit

— MAG-7 | Praetorian

— AK-47 | Fuel Injector

— Glock-18 | Royal Legion

— Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon

— Tec-9 | Jambiya

— M4A4 | The Battlestar

— SSG | Necropos

— MAC-10 | Lapis Gator

— PP-BIZON | Photic Zone

— FIVE-SEVEN | Triumvirate

— Nova | Hyper Beast

— Cartel | Dual Berettas

— AWP | Elite Build

— FAMAS | Valence


– Added the third Co-op Strike Mission.
– Added last comic unlock.
– Added lobby setting to tell you if you are out of missions.
– Added next mission countdown timer to journal maps.

– Cache
— Fixed one-way texture at Quad boxes
— Improved visibility of vents
— Fixed pixelwalk at B fences
— Improved matching of foot-step sounds and ground materials across the map
– Coast
— Fixed pixel walk in A site
— Removed exploitable angle in B site
– Royal
— Various clipping fixes
– Mikla
— Fixed invisible collision near mid
— Updated radar
— Moved T spawns further back
— Various bug fixes
– Santorini
— Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the inner walls of Café
— Fixed a pixelwalk at mid

– Fix for a func_tracktrain that could pass through players when they were overlapping.

– Added the vscript function StopSound.

csgo2 - Free Game Cheats
AimJunkies CounterStrike: Global Offensive Premium Cheat Information


– Universal Streaming Support (Allows you to stream and record gameplay without the cheat showing)

– Enable
– Autoshoot
– Enemies Only
– Silent Aim
– No Recoil
– Knife Bot (Buggy currently and coder is working on it 06/26/2015)
– Legit No Recoil (RCS)
– Aim Smooth
– Recoil Reduction
– Aim FOV
– Aim Key
– Hitbox

Aim Assist:
– Aim Assist Enable (Can be seen by spectators due to Perfect Silent being patched)
– Aim Assist Autoshoot
– Aim Assist Key
– Aim Assist FOV
– Aim Assist Accuracy

Trigger Bot:
– Enable
– Auto Shoot
– Recoil Prediction
– Trigger Burst
– Trigger Burst Minimum Shots
– Trigger Burst Maximum Shots
– Trigger Dash
– Trigger Key
– Trigger Spot
– Trigger Delay

ESP: (Note: Long Distance ESP is server sided.)
– Chams
– Name
– Bone
– Enemies
– Box
– Health
– Toggle Key
– Outline Bomber
– Show Bomb
– Barrel ESP
– Competitive Rank ESP
– Competitive Wins ESP
– Glow ESP
– Rank ESP [Full/Abbreviated]
– Show Spectators Panel
– 2D Radar
– Radar Blip Colors
– Radar Blip Size
– Resize / Move Radar
– Radar Range
– Show Local Blip
– Show Enemy Blips
– Show Team Blips
– Center Radar Button
– Show Radar Cross
– Transparency Adjustment
– Enemy Visible
– Enemy Invisible
– Friends Visible
– Friends Invisible
– Customizable Chams [Enemy / Team, Visible / Hidden]
– Customizable ESP [Enemy / Team, Visible / Hidden]
– Customizable C4 [Visible / Hidden]
– Customizable Weapons [Visible / Hidden]
– Customizable Radar [Enemy / Team / Local]
– Customizable Glow [Enemy / Team]

– Menu Tooltip
– Custom Weapon Configurations
– Auto Pistol
– Crosshair
– Bunnyhop
– Customizable Menu position with the mouse
– First Customizable Save Key
– Second Customizable Save Key
– First Customizable Load Key
– Second Customizable Load Key
– Customizable Aim Key
– Customizable Trigger Key

– Save Settings
– Load Settings
– Autoload Settings
– Weapon Settings


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[Settings] aim_enable=1 aim_fov=1.800000 aim_silent=0 aim_smoothenabled=1 aim_smooth=10.000000 aim_enemiesonly=1 aim_autoshoot=0 aim_key=53 aim_bone=7 trigger_dash=0 trigger_enable=1 trigger_key=1 trigger_burst=1 trigger_autoshoot=0 trigger_recoil=1 trigger_bone=1 trigger_burstmin=1 trigger_burstmax=4 trigger_delay=0.000000 accuracy_legitrecoil=0 accuracy_yaw=80.200005 accuracy_hiderecoil=0 accuracy_norecoil=1 accuracy_rcs=1 accuracy_pitch=97.030006 assist_enabled=1 assist_usekey=0 assist_bone=100 assist_key=1 assist_accuracy=30.039999 assist_fov=1.796667 esp_glow=0 esp_chamsvisible=0 esp_showc4=0 esp_showrank=0 esp_showwins=0 esp_weapons=0 esp_enemiesonly=0 esp_name=0 esp_health=0 esp_distance=0 esp_boxes=0 esp_playerweapons=0 esp_bone=0 esp_chams=0 esp_toggle=0 esp_togglekey=46 esp_ranktype=1 esp_barrel=0 esp_barreldistance=75.199997 color_enemyvisible=-15856884 color_enemyhidden=-13956109 color_enemychamsvisible=-16448251 color_enemychamshidden=-14810168 color_teamvisible=-16061661 color_teamhidden=-588025 color_teamchamsvisible=-15527919 color_teamchamshidden=-6087495 color_c4visible=-10912467 color_c4hidden=-7905321 color_weaponvisible=-1313281 color_weaponhidden=-10516661 color_radarenemy=-717046 color_radarteam=-1325046 color_radarlocal=-1 color_glowenemy=-1042395 color_glowteam=-16774401 misc_noflash=0 misc_nosmoke=1 misc_showspectators=0 misc_spectatorsalpha=78.333336 misc_radar=1 misc_radarblipsize=8.533334 misc_rangeradar=1525.333374 misc_radarcross=1 misc_radaralpha=1.333333 misc_radarcenterblip=0 misc_radarteam=0 misc_crosshair=0 misc_bunnyhop=1 misc_autopistol=1 misc_spinbot=0 misc_weaponconfigs=0 misc_tooltip=1 esp_streaming=0
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