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The launch and activation of the hack takes place through our loader “Exloader”. Now you no longer need to install additional programs on your computer, because we have already placed everything you need in our Exloader. When you bought an activation key, you can instantly activate it through our program. We also recommend that you immediately download our exloader and create an account inside the loader before purchasing.

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FAQ (answers to your questions)

What does your hack include?

We sell only full versions with full features. But if you like, you can turn off the rest of the features except the one you need. At the top of our site you can see a list of functions.

The process of installing and launching a hack occurs only through our Exloader launcher. You don’t need to install additional programs, you only need to download our Exloader. After payment you will receive a key for activation, which you need to activate inside Exloader’a.

Can I get a ban? it’s safe?

You should understand that using any cheats in any games is a risk of getting a ban. The developers of our cheat implemented a unique algorithm to hide the use of cheat in the game. Therefore, the risk of getting a ban for using our cheat tends to zero. During our work there was not a single case of a ban. Therefore, the risk is currently equal to almost 0%. Follow all our instructions after purchase, and then everything will be fine.

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