Valorant on Low End PC, How to play on Dual Core or i3, 2-4 GB RAM

Valorant on low end pc - Free Game Cheats

Valorant on Low End PC, How to play on Dual Core or i3, 2-4 GB RAM

Download Valorant on Low End PC, How to play on Dual Core or i3, 2-4 GB RAM for FREE
Valorant on Low End PC,

Valorant is a FPS multiplayer game, developed by the Riot Games, the developer of League of legends. This game is a free-to-play multiplayer game like Counter strike global offensive.

Just after the release of valorant, this game is becoming quite popular because of its graphics and in-game mechanics.

This game is becoming popular day by day, also a lot of CSGO players switched to this game, because everyone wanted a new game like CSGO but with some advanced features and changes, Valorant fulfills all of that.’

Now, the thing is that in 2020 games are specially made for High-End PC’s, like people who have a good Gaming PC with RTX, GTX, RX, XT series GPU can Run games with no issue.

But in the case of Valorant, it is made for Specially Low-End or Medium Specs. PC’s but it doesn’t work fine like people get 20-30 FPS only on Low-PC’s.

To counter this We are here with a really good trick by which you can play Valorant on almost 40-50 FPS without any issues.

These are the Minimum Requirement for valorant.

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System Requirements for Valorant: Minimum

Processor: Dual Core E5400 or Intel i3-370M

RAM: 2-4 GB

GPU: Intel HD 3000

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10

How to get better FPS in Valorant on Dual Core?

Now, lets begin with the tutorial, it is quite simple you just have to follow all the steps carefully then you can play Valorant on Low End PC.

1. Download and Install Valorant Completely.

2. Go to windows search bar and type %appdata% and open this folder.

3. Now, go to this directory, Local> Shooter games> Saved> Config> 1f08bdaf…> WindowsClient and open GameUserSettings.ini.

4. Go to bottom now and find sg.ResolutionQuality and change it to 50.000000

valorant low settings

Similarly, change other values to 0, Just like this, below!

valorant low

5. Now, Copy the whole modified text and save the file

6. After that, go to the file Properties and Tick on the read only options below and save.

7. Now, go to appdata folder again > Config> WindowsClient> GameUserSettings.ini and open this file.

8. Go to bottom and paste the copied Text at below and save the file.

9. Now, open properties of this file and Tick on read only option and save it.

10. Open Valorant and Set the Graphics Setiings to Low, You are good to go now, Enjoy the game!!

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