Ware | Best Free CS:GO Hacks Download in 2018

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Ware | Best Free CS:GO Hacks Download in 2018

Download Ware | Best Free CS:GO Hacks Download in 2018 for FREE

Using Static-Ware public CS:GO hack is quite simple and straightforward. The hack comes with 5 files, 2 of them are the actual files necessary to run the cheat.

The two main files are the cheat itself which is a .dll file, and the injector which is an .exe (StaticInjector). The injectors job is to inject the hack .dll file in to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, to do this you need to run CS GO first before running StaticInjector.

The downloaded .zip file will have a folder inside called “Static-Ware”, this folder should be placed straight into “C:”, making it “C:Static-Ware”. This is the folder where all your configs will save and load too, so make sure you put all the files in the necessary directory.

You can of course use another folder, but your config files will always save in C:Static-Ware.

Hack Instructions:

  1. Drag “Static-Ware” folder from .zip file you downloaded to C:
  2. Start Counter Strike: Global Offensive via Steam
  3. Start “StaticInjector.exe” from the folder
  4. Go back to CS GO
  5. Open the menu by clicking the INS/insert key button.

That’s it, you should now see the hack menu in-game. This will work with your own CSGO server as well.

If you would have any issues, feel free to contact us here or via Facebook and we’ll be happy to help you out. You can also read through our FAQ, we might already have answered your questions.

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