[Working] Apex Legends Hacks Free (EFI Aimbot & Glow ESP) Working, Undetected 2021

apex legend free hack - Free Game Cheats

[Working] Apex Legends Hacks Free (EFI Aimbot & Glow ESP) Working, Undetected 2021

Download [Working] Apex Legends Hacks Free (EFI Aimbot & Glow ESP) Working, Undetected 2021 for FREE

Apex Legends Free Hack – ESP & Aimbot – Undetected 2020, No Ban

apex legend free hack - Free Game Cheats

Apex Legends is a great game, and if you are looking for some of the best free apex legends hacks, you are right place. In this post, we will see one of the best apex legend free cheat, working Free Apex Legends hack, with great features.

The Hacks on our site are tested and free from all types of virus or Malware. Feel free to use!

The Cheat here is working great with the latest Windows 2004 update, Follow each and every step while installing the hack to be safe and avoid Ban.

The Cheat is free to use, comes with great EFI Aimbot and Glow ESP, which enables you to see through walls or highlighted color. Aimbot is used to shoot the Enemy with Proper Aim, with an aim focused on the enemy.

TypeEFI Aimbot + Glow Hack
Last Updated08 Jan 2021

Description:  Apex Legends Free Hack

The Cheat Provided here is Working great without any driver errors and Undetected. However never use the free cheats on your Main account, The cheat is safe now, but can be detected any time, make sure you check the Status of the hack here, before using it.

v2.1 Changelog:

-Fixed aimlock and aimbot smoothness issues

-Added toggle team aim (1v1s) (Key is Left ALT)

-Changed aimkey to right mouse button

-Compatible with the Steam and Origin.

Features : 

Apex Legends ESP Hack

Apex Legends Aimbot Free

Requirements to use Apex Cheat:

1 – Operating System: Windows 10

2 – System Type: x64 

3 – Bios: UEFI Mode

4 – Platform Role: Desktop

5 – Secure Boot: Off

6 – visuals c++ redistributables (all in one)

How to use Apex Legends Hack Free?

Instructions to use –

1. Place the files on a USB drive from “put on usb” 

2. Open PC Restart Boot Manager, pick EUFI USB. 

3. A menu should appear, type fs0: press enter then load memory.efi press enter then exit 

4. Try fs1:fs2:etc instead of fs0:efi if memory.efi is not found. 

5. If loaded successfully and you get windows loaded on the blue screen

6. Open notepad.exe as Admin, then drag new.dll to INJ.exe until it says – apex launch game. When you see a menu into the lobby, once it loads.

Cheat Menu :

Apex Legends hack free - Free Game Cheats

Video Tutorial to Load Memory.efi

Download link :


1: Make sure secure boot is disabled

2: Make you sure your windows is installed in UEFI.

– If you don’t have UEFI Windows installation you need to Reinstall Windows in UEFI.

– Make sure when you boot from USB-STICK you need to boot in UEFI.

3: Make sure your Windows it’s installed X64 Bit.

If your “System Information” looks the same like in this pic everything is correct!

match with this - Free Game Cheats

Additional Tutorials  – 

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