X-Life Minecraft Data Pack

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X-Life Minecraft Data Pack

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Datapack inspired by the youtube series X-Life.

Basic info:
You start with 1 heart and 10 lives, each time you die you lose a life (obviously) but gain 1 extra heart.

It is a 1.16+ datapack since it is only possible with the newly added attribute command.

Administrative commands:
Note: make sure the player you execute the command for is online.
1. Have you accidentally killed a player on your server? (e.g.: maybe you’ve tp-ed him to you, he fell and died)
you can now give his life back by simply runing the command:
/execute as run function xlife:add_lifeThis will also recalculate the number of hears he/she should have and pop a message letting him/her know the mistake was corrected.
Note: if that was his last live you’ll have to set him manually back to survival

2. Did one of the players on the server lost all his/her lives and wants to start over?
You can now use the command below to set him/her back to 1 heart and 10 lives.
/execute as run function xlife:reset_hearts
Note: you will have to set him manually back to survival

3. Did you run by accident one of the commands above for the wrong player?
You can fix it by removing his lives using this command:
/execute as run function xlife:remove_life

4. Not sure why anyone would want this… but just in case you want some of your players to use xlife, and some to play normally, you can selectively disable the pack functionality just for some players:
/execute as run function xlife:disable

Disclaimer: I do not claim any author rights over this since it wasn’t my idea, but rather inspired by the youtube series, I just made it possible in vanilla with datapacks instead of using mods or plugins.
Feel free to use and incorporate it in your projects.

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